My Life as a Fairy Tale ~eternal questioning

Sometimes, when the feeling was he was so far away from her she would find herself questioning if he was ok, was everything still going as planned, had the journey he was to take still protected..

Sometimes she had dreams that she could not know if there had been a alteration to the plan..  In one dream she remembered screaming out,  “What’s wrong!” and had gotten the news back that something awful had happened..

He had walked in sadness for far too long, the journey had stretched out before him in endless tears that she did not want his heart to have to keep, but according to the dream he had been dragged back into that world..

And seeing that she had tried to prevent it from happening and had set out on the journey down a different path, a path where silence was key, and no words would cross their paths that could make what she saw in her dream come true..

However by breaking the link that could potentially destroy him she could not longer tell if everything was still going as planned or if broken hearted he had slipped deep into an abyss of sorrow..

And now that she had entered into this Cathedral of the Calcite Great Mother, feeling him and protecting him seemed impossible for her to feel for she could not tell if he was safe where he was supposed to be on his journey…  or if the awful nightmare had come true for him and he was walkieternal questioningng again with sorrow in his heart..

She was inside the dream, the dream of the Great Mother of the Calcite Nation.  She was far away from the place where he would dream her..  and she did not know if he could find her where she was at inside the dream to give her word. and comfort her in her unknowing…  which every since she had that dream she had worried about him, and tried to find a way to express it..  through the wall of the cave, she whispered, “Are you ok?”

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