Mermaid dream, from my life as a Mermaid ~for my sister


Once upon a time I had a dream that I was swimming in the ocean deep, the water was an amazing color and so pure…

and I was miles below the surface looking through the water at a mountain coming up out of the deep…

some times a dream journey takes me a few years to travel through.. This is how it was with the Mermaid dreams, it took me a few years to pass through them..

In that dream I was struck by the fact that I could breathe fine inside the ocean….

In another one of the series of mermaid dreams, there were Natives in a village on the island that protruded from the mountain…  They adored me and I adored them.  There was a cave that I could enter underneath the water, and in the place where it came out insiflower childde a cave, they had made stairs down to an opening where we could meet and talk….  The ones who loved me, they would come bring me flowers which they would leave for me on the floor in our special place….

and in exchange I would lead their fishermen out to where they could get the best food…

reflecting back, so many times I see I am always a flower child.. even when I was 12 and saw my Soul Mate for the first time, I recognized the room as being mine from the flowers that were in the room…





One Response

  1. Sister,
    Later, much later
    The image drifts up once more
    On the ocean of my dreams
    Takes on different forms
    But never, never again
    As on that day
    On which you and I
    Formed an unshakeable one-ness
    With the ocean
    As in an ancient covenant


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