Soul Mate Dreams me July 19, 2003

Again I dream him.  .  Soul Mate, you run through my dreams while I rejoice in the knowledge one day I will know you in person ——————————————————————————–

Saturday, July 19, 2003


Wish I could remember all of this dream as it was quite interesting and quite long.. only remember bits and pieces… something about being somewhere.. and at the time I knew the road I took to get there but forgot once I woke up.. and a feeling of being where it was nice and grassy with some trees, reminded me of the park up the street, anyway I remember a point where an old man piled up these stones on a cardboard flat and then tells me that if I can pick it up, it was mine.. It had this one gold colored.. odd shaped.. stone.. kind of reminded me of a stone from another planet.. Remember laughing and asking if the catch was that the meteor rock weighed a thousand pounds? But as I walked up to it, the gold stone rolled right off to the ground..

There was a moment of dilemma as the old one seem to be thinking that it was unusual for the stone to move that way by itself, and as they were looking around to see where it went I was watching them and caught a glimpse of, under their table was, some old Indian pottery…

I said, ‘This is an old Indian sacred site’.. and the old one said, ‘It is? I never noticed that’.. and began to look around.. With that I looked under the table, saw as he saw, no Indian pottery under the table.. and knew that the seeing was for me alone..


Then the Indian man of my dreams walks up to me and we begin playing, running deliciously through the grass, he seemed to be chasing me.. me letting him catch up to me.. again getting turned on to him as he stood behind my back.. It seems I always feel him when he is standing behind me.


Woke up at 3Am remembering that one, went back to sleep.. and woke up the second time to the sound of Harley Davidson’s driving up my driveway.. whew I love that rumble.. was getting all excited.. 2 of them went by and down to the house behind me.. Kayla was here.. she took some music to the back yard and we went back there to play.. and dance.. as I watched the Harley guys..



on a mini vacation, going through my dreams trying to get them all into the same location..  The first time I saw him I was 12.  It was inside a vision and we were on our Home World having accepted our missions to go to planet Earth..  Even there he was taller than I, like the sun standing over the earth, and when he stood over me dancing in a circle around me he made my swoon..  Years later he began showing up in my dreams..  I would refer to him as the Indian who walks with me through my dreams..  Maybe I will share these dreams as I find them since I am off today and tomorrow and trying to organize my dreams…  xxoxx


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