I think I dreamed my Higher Self

8-11-03..Harvest Moon… Ballerina dances…


Monday, August 11, 2003 12:48AM


This was cool. Woke up to this dream.. know that it has to do with inner work I do because I felt I was at work.. There was a parade or something that going to happen and a lot of people were gathering in different little groups to prepare. I was at work so I was watching out the window as the various were preparing themselves for their part in it.. seemed I saw an Indian group too..


Off in the distance I could hear someone practicing her song.. It was a pretty song that make me want to dance so the dream began to split between my being at home and being at work.. watching and practicing my dance to her music.. (who I now think was my Higher Self)


It didn’t even seem like the one who was singing to the music was close enough to see me, but I could hear her really well.. and her music made the ballerina in me want to dance, so I went outside and began dancing to her music. I would do the ballerina steps real slow.. or at least it felt like my steps were very slow and determined.. and with time, as she practiced this song quite frequently, I began to sing the song with her, learning all the words as I practiced my dance to her music, As this happened I would be aware of various people.. it seemed they were on the other side of the street.. but in a way it kind of felt like they were observing me in my dance and song.


The dream continued.. finally the day came that these people were preparing for.. a parade was going to happen.. I was at work (I worked as a Bank Teller in the drive through window at the time) so I watched as they, in a whole stream began to file, single file, down the street to the corner, turn left, go down a walkway, then turn right and go down some stairs to the place where they would begin the parade… by this time they were dressed in their regalia so it was kind of neat watching them.. and as I watched them I realized my time there was coming to an end. I wanted to find an eloquent way to express that I was leaving so I thought I would write a Thank You letter to them, letting them know that I had really enjoyed the opportunity of watching them dance and practice.. of listening to their music and songs, the eloquence of their dance, and the pleasure of the memory they had given me, I would end it with Thank you, which would then extend to little ‘Thank you’s, I’ll see you later’ that wrapped twice around the body of the letter to frame it


So I did this as they were all filing by and just as I was prepared to put it in the window so they could see it as they walked by, I heard the little song that I had practiced my dance to being sung in the window. When I looked over, there was the girl (who I had never met, but I had heard her sing the song as I practiced my dance to it) Now she was standing in front of me, smiling playfully at me as she sang her song.. I could tell that she had heard me singing her song with her before and now she was inviting me to sing it with her.. So I did and that was when I woke up.

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