a Calcite Cave entrance

This video reminds me of a journey I took.  Years ago I had been sent, during the time of the 8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony, to go to a sacred mountain and make my prayer known.  After arriving there I went for a hike up the mountain.

As I journeyed a Tree said, “go that way” so I did and found myself staring at 2 magnificent stone people sitting on the side of the mountain.  In my excitement to go say hello to them I didn’t notice that it had gotten dark, until a vine reached out and grabbed my ankle and told me to stop.

With this I noticed that darkness had invaded and I was on the side of the mountain.  A little stone person decided he had better tell my how dangerous the situation had become so he flung himself down the side of the mountain as I sat there listening to him.  He very slowly rolled for what seemed like an eternity before falling off the cliff and eventually hit the ground below..

By this time I realized that I was in a bit of a fix, but I could still make it to the first stone person and talk to them before figuring out how to get off the mountain.

panther-desktop-1I have a spirit jaguar who walks with me (one of my spirit protectors) and as I sat looking at the gravel pit that surrounded the 2 giant stone people, my jaguar appeared off of my right shoulder.  Then she just sort of lumbered up the mountain.  So I go on all fours and by placing my feet and hands in the same places as she I made it to the top of the mountain where I discovered It was now lightning and was going to rain.

A bird appeared and instructed me to follow it underneath some bushes by a tree into a cave where they wanted me to spend the night sheltered from the rain…. but I was too scared to do it ….

So I found a tree to sit on and begged my sister, the mountain, to let me go..  She did..  I got on all fours and backed down the mountain with none of the vines that kept grabbing me tearing my skin..

This video reminds me of what I missed….  It was when I went to make my prayers during the 8000 sacred drums that the mountain revealed to me it was a crystal mountain..

and since then I was in an accident, of sorts, and can no longer climb the mountain..

…  anyway…  I recently got a piece of green crystal calcite and I have been sleeping with it..  green calcite dreams meyesterday it dreamed me so I went on a journey of researching what she told me about her world.. and wound up here.. standing outside this Calcite Cave entrance…


calcite entrance

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