Twin Flames and the Heart Chakra `a Kundalini update

Kundalini and the Heart Chakra_when I feel your spirit

There has been this whispering for the past few weeks. It is various forms of the same thought and it is all about the heart chakra and this journey, introducing into my concept that we planned this journey before we came into these physical bodies, and asked for volunteers to each play their role while we together performed a forgiveness ceremony. This dimension is far from here, the place where we stand together and are performing the forgiveness ceremony together.. while here on planet Earth we are far far away from each other and can only feel our spirit touches..

I wrote down one of the seeds of thought that they have been planting inside my heart as my Kundalini calls me to feel a higher love:

“What if, in our wildest imagination, the only way we had to touch each other was through spirit?”

Diviant arth__water_spirit_by_Firendiel _Harzel Ozelot

3 Responses

  1. I am very grateful for your words today, they touch upon my wounded heart like the softest raindrops on a thirsty flower.

  2. thank you x

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