at the door again ~dream

I dreamed…  again I found my way back to the door that I was searching for…  to the darkened door down the darkened hall..  I stood and I knocked at the door not knowing what I would find..

Then my soul mate, he opened the door, and when he saw me his spirit lit up, as if the

Take Down the Magic Dream 2 found the door again

clouds lifted.. and just like in the vision when I was 12, he was taller than I so that I had to look up at him.  It was like an energy thing as his arms began to move around me..  to feel again his loving hug..

and then it was like we just evaporated into a universe… and I disappeared into the dream with him.. knowing I found him..

The journey of the Kundalini, I am finding great change as I have entered the space of the Heart Chakra..  I am finding it to be an expression of a higher love..  In a typical relationship there is a constant flow of contact in the daily lives of a couple..  but this is different, for I am beginning to believe that we set this plan in motion long before we incarnated into these human bodies..

Even the journey of forgiveness that we share, I believe that we, and the parties involved, in their higher selves, agreed to come and play the role that they have played out..

For me, in the journey of forgiveness, at the age of 13, there was a man who stole my innocence setting in motion the need for me to take a journey into the heart of forgiveness.  It was the journey of a lifetime, going to a healer so that the seed of forgiveness could be planted within me..

And then years and years later, as he lay on his deathbed I found myself on such a journey..  my mother, a Moon Goddess, she came and told me that it was time to perform the healing ceremony for the remnants of the past wound.  I was taken into vision for the length of the Ceremony which lasted about 6 weeks.  At the end of the Ceremony I found myself seeing through different eyes, that this man outside his human body stood his higher self which when he passed from his human body his consciousness would slip back into his higher self.

As I was watching this I saw the Tree of Forgiveness, that had been planted in me some 30 years earlier, was blooming with vey soft pink flowers, and I was standing inside of the Tree of Forgiveness looking out through the face of one of its flowers.

With this my Moon Goddess mother told me that it was time to take the Bridge to him so that he could pass back over it and rejoin his higher self…..

This Kundalini that I feel in my heart chakra is like that.  It is a higher love that I find myself making an expression of here with my Soul Mate..

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