Take down the magic dream

I was inside my dream when I heard them say, “We are going to take down the magic  now.”

When I asked them, “but why?” they said, “Because no one is using it anymore”

With that I found myself in a darkened, bare and dusty room.  When I looked up it seemed we were inside a brown wrinkled tent.

Then I find myself standing in a hallway.  Off to my left there are stairs that go up to the next floor.  The hall way in front of me is narrow and leads to a back room with a brown door and my Soul Mate is standing at the door about to open it..

Then I wake up…

where the eagles fly

5 Responses

  1. The adventure continues….up on the next floor. Get ready for the next round, the next level!

    • Wow, you know I have been writing into the future the next piece, which is very much ‘up on the next floor, next level’ with the Kundalini Rising pieces from the perspective of the heart chakra.. somehow your words, combined with this dream, took me all the way up to the 3rd eye chakra.. and gave me a glimpse into the future from a higher perspective.. wow.. and thanks all at once

      • Maybe you just needed something that would inspire you to realize that you are not limited…

  2. Very compelling!

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