Rite of Passage dream, the cracking of the codes

There is never ending movement here, always creating, always moment.. tis what it is like to be a life supporting Earth. Every action works within the whole..

Rite of Passage!


I was dreaming I was at home when the mailman came and delivered a letter.  Inside the letter was the renewal sticker for my vehicle.  Also inside the envelope were 2 pictures of me SAMSUNGtaken at separate times.  One of them was from 1984 when I lived in California.  I was sitting on the balcony in my light blue short shorts.  And I could see that my panties were showing and whoever took the picture was smiling gleefully.  The second picture was SAMSUNGfrom 10 years later, after the ballerina appeared and danced in front of me and gave me my new dance.  This picture also showed me in a very vulnerable position.  As soon as it occurred to me that someone had been watching me for years I became alarmed, and when I became alarmed the dream split into 2 dreams.

In one dream I had laid the mail down and gone to lay on the couch to watch TV.  The movie I was watching was some kind of horror flick.

In the other dream I was living the movie I was watching.  I saw myself go into the woods with another man.  It seemed he was not so much my ex, but he was a ghost like image I carry of him with me, his memories.  The me, inside the house, saw the one I”ll call X fall onto an ax and then he got back up with the ax sticking out of his head.

The me living the movie knew this was going to happen so when X got close to where the ax lay I yelled a warning for him to stay away from there.  But it was too late.  I watched in horror as he stumbled to the ground and sure enough, when he got up there was an ax stuck in his head.  I went to him and pulled it out.  He seemed to be in a daze.

Somewhere out of sight I heard a motorcycle start up.  I was thinking it was the person who sent me the 2 pictures, that he was coming to get me now and that once he captured me he was going to kill me as soon as he found me.  I felt like I was freaking out.  I felt like he was coming to kill me.

About this time the me that was watching this happen in the movie thought. “Oh I have to turn this horror flick off.  It is scaring me to death.”  The me that was in the woods was helping the part of my X that I carry in my memories into a ditch to hide him so that he could not find me.   I just knew it was his intentions to kill me once he caught me.

As I was laying in the ditch trying to protect X and panicking an old woman and a young sapling appeared.  I was never so happy see someone I recognized as I was at that moment. Rite of Passage AncientTreeSpirit She was a Tree Spirit, an Ancient One who I had hugged before. She was wearing a gray dress that had darker and lighter streaks running up and down it.  I was so grateful for her appearance inside my dream that I ran to her to give her a hug, exclaiming how I was not frightened of her because I recognized her.  I felt great relief as I ran to her to hug her.

She held out her arms to me as I went to embrace her.  She told me that all was not as it was appearing in my dream.  That this dream was about me and “Cha-che-wo-ah ,” the “Rite of Passage” that I had to pass through to get to where I was meant to be.  As she said this she pointed her finger down a path.  But it was like a vision, not a part of this dream.  She held out her hand and from her hand stretched out this path that I had to travel to get to my final destination.  It grew out of her like a limb grows out of a tree.  And this destination felt like home, only I could not find my memories of being there.  I just knew that once I got there it would feel like home. And then she said, “This dream is about you and what you must overcome, the path you must now travel to get to the place you were meant to be. (The place that felt like home.)  It’s your ‘Rite of Passage that you came there to experience.  There is no one trying to kill you.  You are interpreting this dream and your whole life wrong.  This life is about your Cha Chee to Wah, you are here on this planet, in this body as part of your Rite of Passage.’”

About that time I heard the motorcycle coming.  I was still in the mode of feeling frightened of feeling as if the man pursuing me was bent on killing me, so I threw myself into the ditch with my memory of X.

On the motorcycle was a nice looking, dark skinned Indian man with long hair flowing in the wind as it came out of his helmet.  He smiled at me as he drove by.  This made think he was the one who had sent me the pictures.  I was trying to grasp what the Ancient tree spirit had told me, and yet as my terror grew I huddled down in the ditch, thinking the guy was going around to make a pass before attempting to hit me with his motorcycle and killing me..

I turned to the Ancient tree spirit again and asked her, “This dream is not about someone trying to kill me?  This is about my overcoming something as a part of my “Rite of Passage?”  She assured me, “This is about you and you alone.  It is something you must do.  This is your Cha-che-to-wah (phonic spelling) your Rite of Passage.”

With this I found myself  back in my home as if the dream/movie had ended and I had gotten up and was standing beside my bed of water.  It had just been put up and as I looked at it I realized it was all dusty so I decided to clean it and make it pretty.

Sitting on the head piece was a beautiful Indian figurine so lovingly I began to cleanse her.  The more I cleansed her the more pliable she became until soon she was in a very humble position down on her hands and knees.  It was as if she was real and I was the Higher Self who care for her life who was overseeing her cleansing.

Then began a crackling sound.  Her back began to contort and move and as she moved around I could hear more of the cracking of the codes, more snapping, crackling and popping was happening to her all in the region of her back.

Then I heard a loud POP! and with that Wings came up out of her back. and began to spread out as began to lift herself to an upright position.

With this I became aware that there was movement at the bottom of the bed and when I looked around to see where the movement was coming from, I see that the memory of X was in bed with me and he seemed to be struggling against what I was doing.  As he struggled inside his dream I could hear a lullaby playing.

I felt irritated that he was in my bed with me, but the Ancient Tree Spirits words were calling to me, reminding me that this, too was part of my Rite of Passage, my Cha Chee to Wah..

and it felt like they were trying to sing my memories of X to sleep by singing him a lullaby..

With this I awoke..


It was after this dream that they revealed to me that I had come to this Earth as my Rite of Passage because I was to one day take my consciousness and become a life sustaining planet.  In order to take your consciousness as a life sustaining planet one must accept all the life forms that take their abode upon your body….


Which means this loss I am experiencing now must be what this feels like to the Earth…

Earth sense of loss

and translates into a message that I am still doing the Eagle Mating Ritual with the Great Eagle..

I am still inside the story line of the book, Journey to the Edge of the Precipice. (which I saw in a vision in 1994).   I have made my leap of faith from the Edge of the Precipice, have transformed into the Dancing Bird Goddess and I am still singing my song to the Great Eagle..   whose eye is turned to watch me…  and it occurs to me that the reason we are so well mated is because we sing the same song..  it is as if looking into a mirror we reflect each other, the sorrow of the song I listened to coming from him is the song I return as it is the sorrow I am now experiencing as our song mirrors each others song.  I am still inside the story line to the book, still singing they love song it was meant that I sing to the Great Eagle…

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