I miss my Prayer Warrior

“I miss my Prayer Warrior”

she thought as she stared at the memories of what she just witnessed.  Even from deep inside the Cave Womb of the Great Mother she could still feel the hearts of those she loved, could still feel the pain of what was going on and see visions of what was going on in world outside the cave, could see their loss, their confusion.

There had become a great split earlier that had splintered the 2 oldest into the nest of some poisonous vipers.  It was their own mother who placed them there, thinking they would be safe, while she flitted in and out between the worlds without any balance to know goodness between sheer lack of goodness. 

She was always going away, disappearing into a world that had no goodness about.  So the 2 children that she was allowed to take she planted into a world that lacked in goodness and prospered in sarcasm, disgust and all manner of everything that encouraged poisonous thoughts to grow.

In a biting and cruel manner she had reached deep into the heart of the great bear to hurt, and hurt him she did..  But she was a crazy girl, they call her a schizophrenic, and she would bounce back and forth between goodness and not having any kind of moral sense.  The Great Bear had followed for years holding her as goddess until she reached inside of him and tried to rip his heart out..

After that he was not the same towards her, and even though some months later he let her move back in, then let her move the 2 oldest back in, it was not the same.  He no longer felt like holding her hand through the crazies..  It was like there might come a day when he forgave her, but it wasn’t today..  and it was like everything seemed to be rebounding out.

The 2 oldest ones, they were different this time.  The vipers had poisoned them and they were suffering from all forms of sarcasm towards the little ones, calling them out in meanness for something they had no part in.  It was a huge contrast to the way it had been before the viper struck.  Before they had behaved, all 4 of them as a unit, protecting each other, sharing with each other.

www_gla-mur_ru_4669And Destiny, after staring into this vision for several days found the poison had penetrated her psyche also, and felt herself reflecting on things sarcastically into the time out beyond what she had just witnessed..

In this moment she felt weak and could feel herself missing her prayer warrior, missed praying with him.  She no longer felt pure and needed him to hold her sacred inside his pure prayer so that she again could touch the energy of purity,  He had this beautiful way of holding here when she was in prayer for her loved one.  He would wrap her in his wings of love and then pull her loved ones in to hold them in purity too..

By now she was so deep inside the inner cave of the great mother that she could barely feel him..  so she did the only thing she could think to do..  She laid her hand upon the cave wall and sent everything she was feeling through.. and prayed that in some quiet way he would feel her, and dream himself with his wings of love wrapped her holding her while she wept for the grandness of children… and draw them in, and make his prayers for them..









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