my life as a fairy tale, inside the cavern deep

cavern entrance

She kind of wished they had planned out their journey ahead a little better, maybe made up more of the rules by which they would take this journey. He had made the first rule this time, that their journey was to be about manifestation. Like the seed of a great tree she had planted his seed within her soul, this Tree of Manifestation.. and like she does she danced before and sang it a song telling the seed how much she loved it, asking it to grow within her soil and telling the seed that had been planted how happy she was that he had come. she moved inside her sacred dance the way she always did, the way she knew would make her garden grow.

She was thinking, for example, while standing on the edge of their new journey she would have said, ok, so we are walking hand in hand when we come to 2 tunnels, in which you are going to take one and I will take another. And while you travel down the one tunnel and I the other we will work on manifesting a deeper telepathic connection between us, work on being able to hear each others thoughts pertaining to each other. Before we settled into this place where we wear skins to house our spirits, every thought, every whisper we could hear and hear and feel within each other for we were One who set out on a great adventure to see what how we could grow more if we spent some time in separate skins. So now that we are here and we have come to this cavern that takes into the belly of this beautiful planet you go that way, I’ll go this way. We will work on manifesting a greater telepathy between us and then meet again on the other side.

There were other things they could work on in sacred manner for the Manifestation Tree. She would say, “in our work towards tele-communication as we walk though this cavern, you taking this one path and I another, we can practice speaking to each other through our hands. As we drag our hands along the wall we can practice feeling each other, hearing each others thoughts through our hand, as if there is no space between us, send our energy through the wall to touch each others hands enabling our circuits to continue to run as One while we are apart.

And while we are in there, there is a game that we can play as we are learning a new way of speaking to each other.  In our explorations, in the places where we touch the wall with our hand, I will touch my hand to the wall and hold it there until you feel it, then you can touch your hand to wall so I can feel it so that when we want to connect we will touch our hands to the wall and finger dance with each other..

Once we do this enough we will be like mimes who without speaking with their lips speak with their hands in perfect synch with each other.  We will feel each other through our hands, dance and play and love through our hand movements by touching the wall and sending our vibrations to each other.  By doing this we will be working on manifesting a greater synchronization between each other within the vastness of this realm we are in.

There were subtle things she wanted to say also.  Like it wasn’t likely that he could observe her birthday in the way they would have planned since he was walking down one corridor and she another. He had already said what the present was. She had already seen the picture.. so her mind began to conceive how they could use this to feed the Tree of Manifestation. She would take the picture and place it upon her inner altar and see it as teleporting over, no postage stamp require. She did not know if she could actually accomplish this or not. What she knew is that where she places her attention is where the path will lead her. In the past she dreamt of things like this, so she would just place the picture of her birthday presents upon the altar, and every time she looked at the picture she would picture taking a picture of both picture and the birthday present because her path had lead her to teleporting the gift over.

Luray-Caverns-5There were other things she was noticing. For instance sometimes she would come into a chamber where echo’s could be heard resounding down passageways she did not know where they lead, so in the place of the echo’s resounding she would sing out SciFi_Fantasy_Cavern_City_cavern_city6_jpg_rZd_93095to him of her sweet love for him, for their journey into the underworld. Other times she would find herself staring into small passageways listening to the sounds of his I love you. When she would try to speak into these small passageways, and say I love you too, her words would get all garbled and sound like she said something else.. when what she was really saying was, I love you too…

She would say, “We have forever to love and dance, to swim across the great expanse from universe to universe.  Holy sacred is our journey where we practice separateness just so we can practice walking it in synch with each other.  And divine is the plan that we should work together on manifestation while loving each other though our yesterdays.. our todays.. and through our tomorrows.. for eternity I will dance before your heavenly throne, playing in sacred manner with you inside the secret chamber until again we emerge to take each others hands and continue on our journey.

For some reason she wished she could tell him Happy Birthday this year, and with that she found herself standing at an entrance to a passage that looked like it was going to travel deep into the belly of the Great Mother.  There was no question in her mind, she was going to take this journey and in this journey it would seem she was going to travel a long ways from him.  She had this feeling that while deep in the belly of the Earth communication was going to be minimal and that while there she would participate in great visions, that the passage would be long and that as she emerged on the other side she would be transformed into a new person with a new set of instructions to follow on her journey into the heart of Love..

cavern entrance_into the inner Earth revealed

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