Defining our journey through the dream state

Yesterdays dream reminded me of a dream I had with my Soul Mate about our ‘charges’. Our ‘charges’ are the ones we are assigned to oversee and tend to.. So I went looking for that dream and found it amongst the Castle Dreams (In the Castle there is a mall. The Castle is a very magical place we travel to.) (I love the Castle dreams.) (In my dreams I used to call my Soul Mate the man who travels with me through my dreams, but since I know who he is now and since I know that our Higher Selves have been connecting through our dreams through out this life, now I will just change the words in the dreams to reflect that I was dreaming with my Soul Mate.)


I woke up inside a dream in which my Soul Mate and I had traveled quite a distance to arrive at this rather antique looking place.  It was like finding yourself at a swap meet, or  at the Farmers Market, or a garage sale where many people had gathered to sell their wares. There were antiques from all different time slots in this place so I was wondering around looking at everything with a child like fascination. At the same time the items I seemed most attracted to were the ones that came from the castle which I could see in the back ground of the dream.

I found this table that had these beautiful little pill box looking cases. They were small, only taking up about as much space as the opening of the chakra on my palms.. 1 1/2 to 2 inches round.. and flat like a pill.. I picked up this pretty one. Its overlay had been delicately painted with a picture of soft pastel flowers. When I took off the lid, inside it was like a puzzle. Each of the flowers and their petals had been carefully crafted by precious stones, each piece placed carefully in its place so that the effect was the same as the overlay picture from the lid.. and the puzzle was complete. There were no missing pieces.

There were some more of these precious little boxes laying there, so I picked up another one. Its overlay was more brilliantly colored. When I took off the lid, inside I saw one beautiful flower. The precious stone in its center was ruby red with gold petals.. But when I looked at the lid I realized that all the precious stones were not in there.. kind of made me feel like the puzzle was not complete.

So I picked up another one and opened it. This one had two completed flowers in it, both of them with fancy pill boxes 6rubies as their center and gold petals. They weren’t laying together but with a gentle movement of the box they just sort of slipped into place and I could see that once the puzzle was complete this one too would be a perfect reflection of the picture that had so delicately been painted onto the overlay of the lid. With this I thought, oooh I think I’ll buy the first one, so I turned it over to see how much it would cost. It said something like $2.67 (Wow, so I got it.)

With this I turned and found my Soul Mate and I were inside a grocery store. It seemed we had these people we were responsible for shopping for. I had a list to one and he had the list to another. So we set about picking up the items. When we came back together, I only had enough in my cart to cover the bottom, but his cart was full.

I was trying to make certain I had did it right and began asking him if he had the list. I had this feeling that I was only supposed to pick up $30 worth of food and he was supposed to pick up $100 worth of food.. To me it looked like he had picked out a whole cart of bread so his cart was full, and mine I had only picked out meat and vegetables so it was barely covering the bottom of the basket..

I was wondering if I did something wrong (like was my mission to only stock up on one item?) So I asked him if we can could compare our lists. He takes both of the lists out of his pocket and begins to look them over. Then he hands them to me and I begin to look at them.

To my amazement they are the contracts that we sign before we agree to come into these lives. Mine was the short one that my charge had wrote before agree to come into this life. It was wrote out as simply, “I agree to undergo this test (with specific test listed) in order to learn this lesson (with the lesson listed in words.) I agree to undergo this test in order to learn this lesson. I agree to undergo this happening in order to grow in this fashion..) It was a very short list stating simply the facts: that this person was aware of what they would be facing in this life they were agreeing to come into.

The other contract was very long, very poetically written, almost like a song.. like “okay, in order to achieve my maximum growth, I agree to face those who are prejudiced against me so that I may overcome my prejudice. And in order to overcome hatred, I agreed to come into a family where one side will touch me wrong and take away my innocence and the other side will be the light that guides me. And I agree that through my Indian blood great visions will come to me, I will be guided from within as my world turns against me, throwing me into great chaos, I agree to enter fully into the darkness in order that the Light of Love will emerge from within my soul, and that I will be a light that shines in the darkness.  And I agree…”

It was much longer than this very poetically written, like a song, well thought out…. And it was the one that my Soul Mate was buying the bread for.

I had the distinct impression that as we near the end of our journey here that there comes a moment where we merge with our Higher Selves, when we again become One with them and that at that time we travel back to all the people we were upon our journey to provide them with what they need to continue on. It is like because we have been there and experienced all the pain and grief that we are so filled with love for them that once we merge back into our Higher Selves we travel back to them and give them what they need to continue moving forward on their journey because they are us after they get back into the bodies of the Higher Self..

This dream took me back to the memory of when I was 12, back to the memory of the the first time I saw my Soul Mate.. I found myself in another Galaxy/constellation/universe seeing a member of the Elder Counsel slip in. He came, with great excitement, to tell me that the contract I had written for my mission to Earth had been approved. As he did this my soul mate slipped into the room and waited with great excitement at the back of the room.

I went to him with great excitement. He was taller than I, at least a heads length which made him the perfect height so that my natural inclination was to kiss his heart first as he danced around me and spun my world. He was all excited and had come to show me his contract too, that he was going to the Earth too and he came to show me where our paths would come together..

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