Soul Mate, and his Rainbow Colored friend dream

Woke up inside a dream in which I was inside a house with a guy I couldn’t say I recognized but apparently I knew him because we were talking. He was a bit paranoid and kept shutting the blinds behind me as I was trying to look out to see what the world outside looked like. I couldn’t understand all of what was happening why he did not want me to look out upon the world outside, but soon there came a knock to the door. Outside there stood a guy who looked like him. He let the guy in and then he starts beating up on him (like beating up on yourself)

I could not figure out what I was supposed to do about this when I saw the back door and walked out it onto a lovely garden. Called my Soul Mate and was telling him about what I was seeing inside my dream when he said, “Why don’t you come over here?”

rainbow colored insect

So I packed up some things (I remember packing my drum and an Indian doll and some food) and flew in my vehicle to his location. When I got there, I was opening the passenger door to get my drum out of my OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvehicle with the Indian doll (who apparently was my inner child) and the applesauce when I hear his portal door slide open and he comes out to greet me.

With him came a large flying insect. It was flying around him as if they had a link between them, as if they communicated with each other. For some reason it reminded me of something that was in my trunk so I went to the back of my vehicle to get it out while my Soul Mate went to the passenger side of the car to get my drum and my Indian doll (who was my inner child.)

As they came around the back of my vehicle to greet me his flying friend flew up to greet me. That was when I saw it up close, saw that it was the most beautiful rainbow colored insect. It was huge, it flew around him like a dragon fly or a hummingbird, and I thought its body was kind of the shape of a horse fly in the beginning. But when it came to great me I could see it was more the shape of a June bug that was about the size of the palm of a persons hand and when it greeted me it flew up to me, turned ove and rubbed it wings against my tummy, which I could then see were WOW rainbow rainbow COLORED INSECTdreammetallic colored wings..

rainbow COLORED INSECT -metallic-beetleThe greeting was so beautiful that I told my inner child (who standing there with my Soul Mate) to take a picture. And when she snapped the picture I asked her if she got it and she said, “not exactly” and handed me the camera to look.

It looked like she had the camera pointed at me and my Soul Mates friend when something up aboverainbow colored insect SOUL MATE DREAM 2 caught her attention and in the moment as she was snapping the picture she looked up with the camera and captured an out of focus picture of the top of my Soul Mates rainbow colored friends wings. And at the top of the picture (which was out of focus) there appeared to be a Dragon Fly, who had lighted on an antenna watching us.

Then I woke up.

rainbow colored insect SOUL MATE DREAM

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  1. PS…. I couldn’t find a good picture of my Soul Mates metallic rainbow winged friend…. I tried, been searching all morning for the perfect representation of what I saw in my dream…

  2. […] kind of surprising. I recently shared a dream about my Rainbow Twin Flames Rainbow colored friend In the dream there was a guy who was super paranoid and closing all the blinds behind me as I was […]

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