Soul Mate dreaming, Higher Self vehicle repair

Soul Mates
I dreamed that there was something I was doing with the auto mechanic, who it seemed was my Higher Self. She and her team was pretty busy when I showed up repairing 2 vehicles. We felt very close. Every time I came around she opened the path way for me an bid me come into the room which she and I shared it seemed. She would tell me things. I told her about my journey with my Soul Mate and how he slept with me. She told me that he came around her to and would sleep with her.

The people in the other 2 vehicles it seemed were me in other lives. She was very attentive to them too. She would talk with them in our space until I came into the room, then she would excuse them to another space so I could sit down when ever I would walk into the room.

Then my youngest son calls me and say that he is going to bring his vehicle by for repairs in 15 minute, so I run into ask my Higher Self if the team has time and discover the garage is now empty so it will be a good time for my son to bring his vehicle in for repairs.

It was kind of an amazing dream because I think there was a portal outside my room that they came through to get to the garage, so they just kind of filed through, the 6 of them and disappeared into the garage.

Then my Soul Mate showed up. I was talking to him telepathically telling him about my Higher Self and the vehicles that were being repaired.

magic MirrorThe Magic Mirror was in the room with us, and every time he wanted to communicate with me he would make pictures appear on the Magic Mirror. He showed me a picture (I cant think of what it looked like now..) it was 2 pictures he put up on the magic mirror, and I said, “yes” .. “and my Higher Self tells me that when she shows up you go to be with her too in her dreams.”mirror portal to another word

Then my Soul Mate put up 2 more pictures and said, “or was it this one?”

As I was saying yes, my Soul Mate said something wanting to know how I was feeling about him dreaming with my Higher Self also..

then I woke up..

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