pictures from my life

Once I discovered how it made my spirit feel to work on my computer and watching the birds play in the background I began to remold my garden to be a better place for them…. I found a tree on sale for them…

pictures from my life 01

Here is from the inside looking out… my view… You may be able to tell that I hung a mirror up there to reflect back on the feeder..

pictures from my life 02

this is from my neighbors yard… I bought it for her.. I am her ‘teacher’ … flower power teacher ..

pictures from my life 03

This is from the back porch.. the one smaller heart shaped vine that goes up is morning glory. I don’t know what that the other vine is with the little yellow flowers. It just appeared.. It has yellow flowers that are only an inch wide.


And this is Sacred Jungle off my back porch.. the Elephant Ears have grown over the path so every time I got out there I have to raise them up and say, “excuse me” to pass.. I love talking to them, but I love it best when I have to touch them as I am talking to them.. (the saucer is because there is a cat who likes me)

pictures from my life 05 sacred jungle

winks… the little yellow showed up while was putting this together

yellow 2

It is teaming with life, just to walk out there and take pictures.. is to walk through a sea of life..

I was grabbing a bar for one of the plants in front when I saw the view of my back porch from above… so beautiful.. we are teaming with life.. and the plants and bugs are smiling…

from above from above 2

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