In the Garden

in the garden 071713 01
Whose sleeping in my garden?

in the garden 071713 06 hummingbird moth came from here

I went out this morning, in the dark to water the garden, when up flew a hummingbird moth.. I chased it, got my camera, but at last I was not able to take its picture..

in the garden 071713 05 bee

Traveling on I found that there was a bee asleep. It moved around when I was taking its picture, acting like it was aware of me but acting like I was disturbing its dream..

in the garden 071713 02 white butterfly

In the back garden I discovered a white butterfly was sleeping on a leaf on the Magnolia bush. Apparently it sleeps on top of the leaf until the rain comes, then it moves under the leaf.

in the garden 071713 03 white butterfly

And I discovered that the birds are eating the seeds from my sunflowers.. so that is very exciting and I hope I can catch them doing it.. 🙂

in the garden 071713 04 bird signs

I love the feel when I go out to do something and all of a sudden it feels like I have entered into the Holy of Holies…

Whose sleeping in my garden?

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  1. Oh..I like this very much indeed, especially the white butterfly….there is an angel watching over you, dear Destiny

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