Banshee’s Black Hole

She came to a holy place
to a black hole singing
a banshee song
Screaming pain inside her head
as she watched her love
slip from her hands
and disappear down the black hole song
while her torment
screamed a thousand chords
inside her head
in silent torment
watched she to see him leave

She is in a holy place
laying tears upon her grave
and weeping for her
in her silent screaming

<<<<<  >>>>>

This must be a part of me

or else I would not have been sent to bear witness.

I have had a headache since

last Friday at 2..

I finally surrendered

to the dizzying spin of the headache

and took some pain medication

but the headache persist .


I think she screams

because she cannot weep

because she knows

she will have to let go

and surrender

to the loss of what she knows

and what she touched

I am in

Banshee’s Blackhole

with a headache

experiencing vertigo

head spinning


Nothing else to do

must dive through it


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