The first time I heard “Cha Che Wah”

This is not the dream I am looking for, the one I am talking about the cracking of the codes, but from this dream I can tell I am moving towards the dream.

In my life the ones who guide me from within, the Ancients, the ‘Guardians’, they are always giving me Indian words which later they translate for me.

It should also be noted that it wasn’t until 2004 that the Guardians told me I as Indian. My family was amongst the ones who decided it would be better not to tell people we were Indian after the Trail of Tears, (It wasn’t until my dads life that that our Grandmother told everyone, “We will no longer tell people we are Indian) so I grew up having all these Indian visions (from 4th grade on) but not knowing why, and always puzzled by why the Indians we walking with me in my vision.

I think this dream has to do with our Home World and me trying to connect to it.  I think, because of my vision when I was 12 I felt I needed to connect to him there in our Home World.. It was at this time that the Guardians (the Ancients) gave me the same word that the Ancient Tree Spirit gave me in the cracking of the codes dream..

Oh and I should also say that it was in the year 1993 that I was told the path I needed to take to find him was an Indian path. It stretched my mind tremendously to try to conceive how I was suppose to get from the path I was walking on to an Indian path. We had been told we were white. One of memories from back in the 80’s involved my Guardian Angel. I had wanted to call him Gabriel but he said no, his name was an Indian name that I could not translate because I would not be able to wrap my mind around his name, so I should just call him Michael. From 1993 to 2004 was a long journey to wrap my mind around my Indianness..  When I was young and all my visions were Indian visions, I would say to them, “What is so special about me that you walk with me?  and they would say, “You are a great Warrior.” Native-American-beaded-indian-white-deer-hide_57but they did not tell me I was Indian until Harvest Moon 2004.

November 5, 2000

I was feeling kind of sad, thinking I wasn’t connecting to you that well inside my dream world when my Guardians told me that I am connecting to you. They said that the reason I wasn’t able to interpret the dreams I am having is because your world is so different than white skinsmine that I have no interpretation for what I am seeing. And then I heard the word, “chi chi wooh or cha chi wah’ as they told me to continue to take my camera with me into my dream world.

Then I saw ‘Grandfather’ dressed in white skins passing through my vision. He was very happy. After that the vision panned back so that I saw I was in a place where the land was covered with a purple haze while the clouds of the sunset were pink. I also so trees and boulders.”

grandfather sun

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