The Soul’s Twins – Love and Wisdom

This love for my Rainbow Twin Flame who says he is my Soul Mate is the most profound love I have ever experienced. It has transcended time and space, casts its light out into multiple dimensions, and began its journey with me when I was 12 in a vision.. From there into the dreams did we travel until in real time did our lives touch and intertwine and evolve a deeper love within us… a pure love ..

Letters from 500

This blog has recently gotten recognition from another blogger DivineGrace, whose blog is entitled Soul Love. She visited Letters and was kind enough, or interested enough, to  read through several of our posts here. Peaking my interest, I clicked on to her Soul Love and found that her posts elevate the consciousness of the reader and evoke a purity of love that is missing in so much of our lives. The title Soul Love pretty much sums up the essence of her writings and I would recommend a visit. It will brighten your auric field and delight your inner child.

Since there are no coincidences in life, it was surely synchronistic that the day I was writing on Why Souls Love the Earth I ventured into the world of DivineGrace and the door to Soul Love opened for me into another realm. This seems to be the pattern for Conscious…

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