Time warp

I have been pulled into a time warp that is expanding across all time and dimension.. into every goddess aspect of myself I have every experienced..

In part of that dimension there is a very sad song, the song of the Siren trying to pull and drag love down. It is not that she wants to be this way, but part of her journey seems to decree that sorrow shall follow her where ever she goes, and she will touch, but she will not feel..


I am lost in a time warp, in the place of the shipwreck where I met a human man, feel in love with him as I restored his life and then watched as he left..

The time warps can be strange sometimes.. just have to pass through them.. because life is always more than lost in the song of siren..

I shall look around for other stories to write.. from inside this time warp I have now entered..

another from this same collective of energy is Selu, the Corn Grandmother.. I shall honor this story too http://www.themystica.com/mythical-folk/~articles/c/corn_mother.html and try to look through time to find the location of this story.

And I will travel on. I have touched this song, touched this life, touched this memory, all within the collective memories of this planet.. there many to gaze upon, some so beautiful they take your breath away.. and some so haunting one can only reflect how truly emotional the journey to this planet becomes..

spending my time

It is no wonder we have created such a world as this, the human realm is such an emotional journey, and so many emotions to travel through, from the highest mountains.. to life without love .. it is no wonder we have managed to create so much havoc for ourselves…

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