the Spirit Kiss


O Spirit Light
and heaven from above

Love comes through the door

and whispers upon my heart

I feel the soft kiss of Love upon my heart

dancing in laughing waves,

kissing me everywhere there

as more and more

the light of his love fills me

as wave after wave

he kisses me upon my heart.

How many times did I say “I love you” there

kissing his heart again and again

and pouring my love into him?

not the kiss upon the lips

as one would expect,

but to kiss his heart


he kept it so tender.

Then suddenly he turns

and swoops in

without me knowing why

I suddenly feel his touch.

There is a feeling

that comes inside my heart

as if I have been kissed.

It looks like a firework going off.

Then softly he moves to another space within my heart

and I feel again

the softness of his lips

kissing me there until I see fireworks

again and again

I feel his spirit kiss

kissing me again and again

until I feel

the sweet surrender

of his kiss upon my heart

The Spirit Kiss

I felt him give.


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