My life as a dream, an interpretation 1994

My life as a dream:
an interpretation
April 8, 1994

I was searching for my elliptical center. Seems like it had something to do with my quest to live in the 4th dimension. It’s a big plan of mine (and others) to move from this 3rd dimension into the 5th It’s one of those deals where I am one of the ones who forges the path so that others may follow.

Because this is a whole ‘event’ on the planet Earth to initiate this change of consciousness, and because not many people are even aware of this ‘event,’ there is not much support or protection coming from the human inhabitants. I came here for the expressed purpose of propelling the planet Earth into the 5th dimension. . (with others.)

We, in the days of old, would be called pioneers. We discover new territory and then we forge our way across it. . We do this through trial and error, first building pathways of consciousness, as we discover what paths are the easiest. In the later, we will build hiways to other planets (except the hiways are already there.)

In order to do this I had to take a human form, which meant I had to become an infant and forget everything I already knew how to do. . So I came here, and I forgot how to make things work. Just like an infant who doesn’t even know how to sit up, I forgot how it was that I was supposed to complete this plan.

I had help though. I saw myself going through an earth quake in which I didn’t know if I would make it. . When I asked the Ancient Ones if I would make it, they said, “We believe so, if you remain centered.”

So I was looking for my elliptical center, dreaming of finding my way into the 5th dimension, when certain events happened that said, “The time is now.”

The dream changed and I was a young bird being taught to fly for the first time. In order to do this, I had to be pushed from the nest. I had to take a leap of faith. The Ancient Ones knew that my wings would expand as I frantically flopped them and that this would give rise to my childish attention as I felt the power of my wings hitting the air. Then I would know my gift of flight and begin flying. .

Suddenly I was on a flight of stairs, going down them when my foot slipped. So I made the decision to fly off of them. . The weight I was carrying propelled me off of them, but it also propelled me all the way over so that I barely felt the power of my wings before I landed on my back side. .

Off to the side of this was a delightful story in which my ‘children,’ ‘my family,’ ‘adopted ones,’ (the ones I am taking with me), laughed and told me I had the flying right, I just didn’t know how to land!

So once again I am preparing to fly to the 5th dimension. I’m gonna do this thing and I’m taking everyone, who wants to go, with me.

I turn, the dream changes, and I am a runner in a race. . But I feel like a dancer. . And I distinctly remember my inner guidance showing me how I was supposed to do this ballerina leap across a plowed field. There was the dip, then the mound of dirt, then the dip, then the mound of dirt. It was a whole field and they were instructing me how I am suppose to do this ballerina leap across each and every mound. . but at the time it seemed like a ridiculous exercise so I didn’t do it.

Now I squat here, posed for the race. The gun goes off. The race has begun and I am ill-prepared to leap all of those hurdles. But I’m going to try my hardest so I begin running.

At first I don’t even realize the hurdles are there. I run into the first one and knock it over. . It’s like, “well shoot!” I move the hurdle out of the way and begin running again, only to find that a few feet down the line there is another one. .

I keep tripping over them. I don’t feel prepared at all to run this race, but I am determined. . I started it! I will finish it!

Then I hear a voice. It says,

“It’s not how you run the race.
One minute you are running,
the next minute you are there.”

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