~his heart smiles again

As long as I can remember the clouds have always spoken with me. They tell what is going on, and bring messages from other places.. In the Indian Way, the clouds are people too. They do not know themselves as anything less then people. When they want to talk to us, they will sometimes use the Thunder, and sometimes they will form pictures. Some of them will incarnate into human form. When the Olympics were going on they were showing me one of their swimmers.

Another time they came and explained a dream to me.. In the dream I was a cloud being, even though in the dream I saw myself walking with 2 legs. In that dream we took a vehicle someplace. They showed me that the vehicle was a long cloud, and in the dream we would up changing vehicles. They told me that we had passed through like Lemuria into Atlantis.

Another summer they kept showing me the white hummingbird..

His heart smiles again 2013-07-05

Today they told me that his heart smiles again..

They showed me a picture of him as the Great Lion smiling with his 2 children riding on his back..

Then they showed me a picture of the Great Lion being chased by a little cub. He was looking back at his little cub laughing and the little cub was laughing as it was chasing him..

Today they told me that his heart smiles again…

I was happy to hear the news..

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