the space between

I feel like I have gone to the space between, like I just passed through a journey that lasted 2 and a half years, like time elongated and I spent 2 and a half years passing through a rainbow ray, and now I am just at that section where I have come out of the rays of rainbow light. It feels like I have gone into the space between..

Interestingly enough yesterday I was driving down the road and there the Eagles were flying.. so this morning I honor seeing them with this video..

Life is strange

and unexpected

Must make pictures to go with this… Hiawatcha passing through a rainbow portal with the symbolic journey of the last 2 and a half years… and on the other side… the Dancing Bird Goddess… I am feeling like that story, given to me by Spider Grandmother Spider in 1994 was always about teleporting…. We are gods and goddesses all of us, getting stuck in a 3 dimensional would was never the ultimate goal of our journey, more like we were going to pass through this way on our way to glory…

One Response

  1. … I must paint it with a rainbow cloud so I can get all the symbols in it….

    … and maybe I should actually begin drawing the pictures to the book.. now that I understand who the Dancing Bird Goddess is …

    In all of life it is about growth, about passing through and becoming more… I was given that vision so long ago… and also given dreams of teleporting.. with my Twin Rainbow Flame, who walked with me in my dreams..

    Celebrate the journey.. we are creators.. every single thought we have is a creation..

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