My Life as a Fairy Tale `what kind of love is this?

deep space with children
Today this beautiful feeling swept through my being. I did not see Soul Mate flying in my skies one time today, even though I feel him still, can feel my soft touch upon his heart, can feel his love traveling to me through the ethers even though not one time did the Great Eagle sail through my skies.

What happened was I came upon a place that in times past I would have felt pain in his heart over his great loss. For 5 years he had been forced to travel down a road and not be allowed to see his children as all around him the world would speak of their love for the children.

He always be so kind and polite, hold back his tears, hold back his pain, and make a gesture to wish the people well even though his heart was breaking and grieved since he counted the days and hours since he last seen and had been forced to grieve for 5 long years while his children grew without him.

Every holiday with him was filled with pain and grief over the loss of his children, even though he made kind gestures towards others, myself included when I bubbled over with news of my grand children..  He was so kind and gentle in his pain..

He has been with his children now since last Saturday…  and today, even though I did not see him, I felt him in his comings and goings through the Ethers..

Today I was looking at Angel pictures, trying to find a specific one when I came across one with children in it.  It reminded me of him, and in that moment I felt him stirring through the ethers, saw him looking with me through the Angel pictures and when we came upon the one with the children I looked into his heart and saw it was no longer suffering in pain….


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