Madonna Dream 1992



Dreamed Madonna came to town, and like, there was no question, there was automatically a connection between us.

At first she was in the room next to me with some kids and they were playing a game of. . ah. . I don’t know what it was but it was kind of like truth or dare where if you don’t tell the truth, everyone begins to throw food at you. Everyone was laughing hilariously as food was being thrown all over the place.

Before long some food came flying into the room I was in. Madonna came in laughing and somehow some spaghetti and catsup landed all over my face. I started laughing and began throwing food at her. Then we were both laughing and throwing food at each other.

Then the kids came running in. I was supposed to take them to the park and they wanted Madonna to come with us. We were going to but I first had to take one of the children to my room. He was crippled so I was going to lay him on my bed.

There were 2 stereos and a TV in my room. When I walked through the door all 3 of them came on so I began to dance. . Yet somehow Madonna and I were getting ready to take the kids to the park.

Seems like here the dream split off. We went to the park and while we were there one of the kids hit a baseball. I watched as a guy jumped to catch the ball. The ball went so high I couldn’t even see it anymore. Then I watched, in awe, as the guy did this awesome animated jump. It was just like you would see in the cartoons, in slow motion he jumped about 2 stories and just reached out there and caught the ball. . Then he sort of floated to the ground.

About this time Madonna had to go do a concert. . And for some reason I was still thinking I was trying to get the kids ready to go to the park. When she got back I could tell she was really liking me.

Then the building changed and my room was at the top of the stairs. I walk down this hallway to get to the stairs. As I do this I am dancing and singing. I look around, the hallway looks like a walkway in the mall. There are alot of other people there and they are all singing and dancing to the same song I am singing.

I start going up the stairs and realize I have to travel 12 flights of stairs to get to my room. I’ve got both of the kids with me, and Madonna is somewhere. All of a sudden I want to turn to Madonna and thank her for showing me how unique I am. All of a sudden I know I am unique.

There is this guy with me named Randy. He’s got a twin sized bed. I’ve got a stick in my hand. We had to carry the bed up the whole 12 flight of stairs. Softly I hear him say, “Duck, and push the stick forward.” So I ducked and pushed the stick forward until we got to the top.

When we got to the top I turned and saw some of my furniture sitting out in the hall. It was dusty and had cobwebs all over it as if I hadn’t been there for a long long time, I mean years and years. I thought it was odd because it felt like had been there only a few hours earlier. I swept the cobwebs away as I danced to Madonna. Remember Madonna showing up after I was in my room and when she walked through the door all the music came on.

When I woke up I felt as though I had traveled to a place inside of myself that I hadn’t been to in a long time: to the place where, uniquely, my artist resides..

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