prelude to Journey to the Edge of the Precipice.

Please come my way Shine your light on me Wrap those tender arms of love around me. Hold me tight
and make me forget that in this world I don’t really fit. Bring me the freedom that I long to know, is it possible to love from the depths  of your soul? Could there really be someone out there for me
who would understand when I said, without you there’s misery.

July 11, 1992

2EaglesWalmart110611_Destiny ballerina


Spider Grandmothers says to hold my prayer for my Rainbow Twin Flame who has gone into the Healing Chamber for the healing of his heart.

Life is such an amazing story, with unusual activation points.  One of those for me was the appearance a ballerina dancer.  One day she just appeared on my dashboard while I was driving down the road and began to dance.

It was always the same dance, always the same twirl she would dance to my rock and roll as it played on the radio.  It was quite lovely watching her like that in miniature form.

She stayed with me, dancing to every rock and roll song until just before the divorce.  On that day I had gone to the store and when I came around one of the aisles, at the end of the aisle there she stood dancing, the rock and roll ballerina, spinning and twirling and making a point that she was there for a reason, whose time had come.

It was not too long after that that the man I was married to told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to get back up on the pedestal he had placed me upon and dance in the manner he wanted me to dance..

and when I could not do that, he ripped my heart out and threw it away.

I was laying in the ditch, devastated and torn

when I decided the time had come that I need to rewrite my life.

And as the fates would have it

a Knight is Shining Armor was sent in to escort me through the next stage of the song.

For the next 2 years I taught myself the new dance

the dance of the ballerina

and began to rewrite my life through a series of poems,

the above which was one.


It is Spider Grandmother who says it was her who wove for me a galaxy in which a pretty Ballerina would Dance.

One Response

  1. I know this one is a mess, but it is having a weird effect… it seems that copying and pasting this from Front Page added spell check… LOL … so I will leave it as it stands…… “Please come my way shine your light upon me. Wrap those tender arms of Love around me…

    is it possible to love from the depths of your soul?”

    and now I know.. it is.. and more..

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