Prelude to Journey to the Edge of the Precipice ~pg 2

For one quiet moment

I entered in

to the solitude

of your soul

I raised my

hands towards the heavens

and proclaimed

“No Time”

A hundred years

passed in that second

A hundred memories

of lifetimes forgotten

sprang up before my

inner eye.

I danced, you played

we kissed for days

You rode up to me

on your horse,

threw down a

bouquet with a

childlike grin

Said “Up here woman

Let’s ride again”

And so we took

off for the stars,

We rode for days

on end searching

for the space

that was ours alone.

I danced, you played

We made love in the hay

We traveled through time

and found ourselves

in the place

of the minstrel life.

A band of motley crew

our lot, to lay

under the trees all

day and make sweet


I danced, you played

Together we made love

and danced in the night

July 14, 1992

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