Dancing Bird Goddess and the Great Eagle

2EaglesWalmart110611_Destiny 062813 I feel you


Spider Grandmother tells me that it is she who wove my Universe.. It is she who showed me the words, … and at the end of the Story, the Dancing Bird Goddess makes her leap of faith from the Edge of the Precipice and begins singing her mating song ever aware that the Great Eagle, whose eye she has caught is now following behind her listening to her song..


… I feel him soar above me so high. He is like I, longing to embrace the love who returns Loves sweet embrace … longing, like I, to know that fairy tales can come true.. longing to share a magical experience with one who capable of making the magic come true..

I feel him up there, circling around, listening to me song.. I feel his protection.. and feel his deep love .. I feel him hold me close inside his heart, and dream of sleeping with me in my nest..

I feel him so close, as he flies so high above me..

All of this I feel, having written this book 29 years ago, while Spider Grandmother tells me that it is she who wove my Universe into being..  who told me the story of the

Dancing Bird Goddess and her one love, the Great Eagle

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