Cherokee Language lesson “I love you”

…I am Cherokee…



GV (Guh)

GE (Gay)

YU (You)


“I love you”

GE GY Gu means I love you one person to another in Cherokee

One person to another


Cherokee I love you with Selu corrected

“Gv-ge-yu” means “I love you” in Cherokee language. The Cherokee symbols for this beautiful message are pyrographed on one side of the 1″ oval focal bead and a heart on the other. Sealed with several coats of sealer, this is sure to brighten your day for many years to come! Cherokee corn beads alternated with glass beads are added to create a colorful 7″ bracelet.

Selu, in Cherokee mythology, is the nurturing grandmother who sacrificed her life so all could eat and survive. The corn beads honor that commitment to give of ourselves so that all might be fed. Cherokee corn beads are often planted by the front door as a constant reminder of that love and commitment.”

…  I am with the Grandmothers …

4 Responses

  1. I consider something genuinely special in this site.

  2. Such a beautiful lesson. Was taught by my grandfather, am very proud to be one with my people, one with Mother Earth.
    Thank you for teaching of so many others.
    Many blessings…A’ho

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