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Under a moonlit sky
June 24, 2013

under a moonlit sky too


Lakota De La Cruz:

“Under a moonlit sky
I see the fairies dancing
From the corner of my eye
I catch the forest prancing”

Poets Moon
June 23, 2013

Poets Moon June 23 2013


Lakota De La Cruz:

“Lover’s dance under a poet’s moon
Hand in hand in rhythmic tune
Mesmerized in timeless love
Beneath the stars and moon above”

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤  (heart)




Twin Flames~they say it is never the usual love story
June 22, 2013

The Twin Flame Journey is simply not ones usual journey.  How many times have I read about, ‘regardless of whether you and your Twin Flame can be together or not..’ and contemplated why and how this could be a factor..  something new and different is happening on my Twin Flame journey.  I have traveling into a place of the unknown and it is a deeply spiritual happening, even though I do not know if the path is leading to us being apart, or if we will still be together and his children will become a deeper part of our journey..

red heart shaped balloon 01I told my Twin Flame that if I was to write where we are right now in our journey  I would be describing it as the Red Heart Shaped Balloon Destiny held in her hands..  not knowing if the wind would come and pull it from her hands, to find that it had slipped away from her…  or if time would reveal she was still holding the Red Heart Shaped balloon he had given her….

He responded with the video…  Just before that I asked him to forgive me for running away.. then I ran away, but then I felt like I was failing the test… so I came back with my Red Heart Shaped Balloon…

I share my journey’s because it is by sharing that we grow.  My Love has mourned for 5 years the loss of his children from his life.  And I have wept with him, for him, and for them for the last 2 1/2 years..  Now the prayers have been heard, and he is being given the opportunity to reunite with them.  I rejoice for that but there is more that I cannot write yet as to why this could also be a parting with us..  What does a man do when presented with the information he has been presented with..  I write this story for other Twin Flames who are in similar situations.  I do not know which path my Twin Flame will choose.  The path of forgiveness with his ex-wife of 25 years is a noble path,  I have been down the forgiveness trail and I know the rewards.. while I do not know which path my Twin Flame is going to choose, I do know I will honor him in whatever path he chooses..

red heart shaped balloon 02

In the meantime, my Kundalini is flowing, and I had this moment when he was meeting with his ex-wife when the Kundalini flowed up into my heart and touched me there.

angels are hiding in the motions of humans
June 21, 2013

My Life as a Fairy Tale.. book 2
June 20, 2013

By sharing we grow…  This world is full of magic, for those who believe….   A long time ago, in another life I was drawing a picture of an Eagle when I saw that the Eagle was head-dress upon one I would come to call the Dancing Bird Goddess.   And as I drew her head, I saw the words, “and at the end of the story the Dancing Bird Goddess”  So I wrote a book and called it Journey to the Edge of the Precipice..

you came part 2

you came part 3

the Dancing Bird Goddess and the Great Eagle, a Love Story
June 18, 2013

I am still inside the dream of this love… of this discovery.. of my vision from 1994, when I was drawing  the picture of this Eagle and saw it was head-dress.. and as I drew her out I saw the words… And at the end of the story the Dancing Bird Goddess…..  and now here he is, the Great Eagle, who liked my song, has chosen me…  and I  him…  (this is an Amazing Twin Rainbow Flame journey…  another book I wrote about him without know who he was..)

you came when I needed you to

Twin Flames, Journey of a Life Time.
June 16, 2013

It could be said this is another book I wrote to him.  Not too long after meeting Lakota I began writing him a book called My Life as a Fairy Tale. setsailtoLeo It was this story of  this girl who had been taken to the Isle of the Flaming Rainbow Twin Flames Torch when a man she called the Great Lion  came and sat down beside her and began chatting with her as they gazed into fire of the Rainbow Twin Flames.   She had this ship and she sailed all across the universe with the Great Lion as her companion .. who she loved in all her adventures..

In time I told him about my memory from when I was 12 of my mate who was showing me where in his contract him and I would be hooking up again as we had both volunteered to go on missions to the Earth, when softly he asked me what he looked like when I saw him at the age of 12..  From that moment I made a gathering.  There was a book that I had written to the one who revealed himself to me ballet1when I was 12.  In 1991 I had gone through a bad divorce, the kind where a man tears a woman to shreds as he is walking out the door.  In that moment I decided that it was time for me to rewrite my life.

I did it as a prayer, a series of poems that spoke of the love that was coming and how he would feel once he arrived.  So when Lakota proclaimed himself as the one from my memory I took all those poems and put them in a book which I bound for him in ballerina slippers and mailed it to him..

This week I have been made witness to another aspect of Lakota.  This week I came into the knowledge that he is the Great Eagle from a book I wrote about him in 1994.  There is a sadness that happens to Lakota every Fathers Day, but it is not my story to tell.  Every year though, for Fathers Day I have been witness to his pain.  This year, again the sadness overwhelming him..  In his sadness I have been made witness to his rising above through the pouring out of such beautiful words.  His Great Wings spread wide in holy ceremony 570x530rising above the storm..

In 1994 I was drawing a picture of an Eagle, when suddenly I knew the Eagle I was drawing was head-dress upon her body and as I drew  her face underneath her Eagle head-dress, I saw the words, “An at the End of the Story the Dancing Bird Goddess stretches out her wings and begins her mating song.  She soars high above the clouds, aware that the Great Eagle whose eye she has caught is close behind her, but oblivious to anything else..2008yearinreveiw01d.

I wrote a book to the Great Eagle and I called it Journey to the Edge of the Precipice.  It was the story of the Dancing Bird Goddess and her journey to the Edge of the Precipice where she was going to take a leap of faith, that if she leapt from the edge of 498x475that precipice in faith and transformed herself into a Dancing Bird Goddess that the Great Eagle would be watching her and that they would mate for life…

This Twin Flame journey has been full of signs and visions.  It began about 6 months before I met Lakota when a Lakota Indian that I was meeting for the first time on his wedding day turned and sang a song to the Thunderbeings that were approaching.  In that moment the floodgates of my heart opened wide, My Kundalini activated, and my heart chakra began to sing.

The next thing that happened on my Kundalini Rainbow Twin Flame journey, happened on the day before Thanksgiving 2010.  I was driving home from work when I said I rainbow flame dancing, then right after that a second rainbow flame, Twin Rainbow Flames..  then I get down the road and a million dollar firework display..

Then my Kundalini began spinning like crazy.. then I met Lakota January of 2011..  Then I get to the day before Thanksgiving and again the million dollar fireworks display on the other side of the road.  Right after this I was coming out of Wal-Mart’s (November 6, 2011) when, for the first time in my life, I look up and there are 2 Eagles flying together.  A storm is coming, and the one,  he came straight at me until I could see the white of his head and knew I was being given a sign, 2 Eagles, Mated Ones, rising above the coming storm in the most beautiful dance…

and here I am, watching Lakota in his pain over Fathers Day when he began sending me so many beautiful words, rising above the storm.  Then yesterday, I had that happening where while I was driving back from the store near where the Eagles live I became aware of an Angel inside the clouds traveling with me on my journey..  I took a bunch of pictures and when I got home I saw it was my Lakota Angel, born in year of the Dragon under the sign of Leo…  and flying above their heads, the Great Eagle from my book journey to the Edge of the Precipice that I wrote him in 1994…

Ange Cloud

I see you
June 15, 2013

I have the most magical journey with my Twin Rainbow Flame… Lakota…  for a long time now the cloud people will bring messages from him to me…    so today I tried to install my Intuos 5.. but right after that my computer crashed  so I decided I should go shopping to see if I would find any flowers on sale..  I dropped Lakota an line, told him that I needed some help with my computer.. and he said I should call out to an Angel of the computer…  so I went shopping, and the flowers were 50 % off..  Then as I am heading back I saw an Angel in the cloud…  I kept taking picture trying to capture the Angel who was with me..  and it was only after I uploaded the pictures did I see it was Lakota, born in the year of the Dragon, under the sign of Leo…  …  It is a magical world for those who believe in magic…


2013-06-14 18.10.45 my Lakota Angel Lion Dragon.


Earth lessons, Hurricane
June 12, 2013

words taken from youtube video Earth From Space….

It is said that the core of the Earth is molten lava, that the Earth is a living organism and that part of its own defenses, as a living organism, when the ocean get too warm, as a combination from the suns heat, and our molten lava core, sea water begins to evaporate fast. This water goes straight up, 180 tons of water will be rising per hour vertically and then 1 kilometer up the vapor will condense into a cloud raising the temperature of the air by several degrees. As the air heats up it rises further, producing powerful vertical winds which will drive the clouds up to 15 kilometers high. As the storm cell grows the effect of the earths rotation down below will force the storm cell to spin. The Thunder clouds merge into a vast circle and a hurricane is born and then begins its movement across the ocean.

It is through waters ability to store and release energy that that we owe our lives to the process that produces the storm. A hurricane acts like a release valve when the ocean gets too warm. it helps to balance the climate by redistributing the heat around the planet and returning the ocean to equilibrium.”

hurricane 2

Earth from Space
June 12, 2013