Spider Grandmother ~my soul mate entered the Healing Chamber

Healing ChamberSaturday June 29th

Today my soul mate and Rainbow Twin Flame went into the Healing Chamber and for all appearances I will not be able to talk to him until his healing is complete and he re-emerges.

This morning Spider Grandmother gave me my instructions for what to do while he is in the Healing Chamber. She told me that I was to sit outside his chamber and sing my prayer songs for his healing still as he sat within the healing chamber. She also gave me a sign for what I would see when his healing was complete.  She said that when the Golden Sky Eagle appears his healing will be complete.  Then he will return to her.

He has a lot of healing that needs to take place. It was not that he screamed out in pain, and hurt people by striking out in pain It was just that there was a place inside of him where he could not stop weeping.  To have spent an earthly lifetime with him inside the place of his tears would have been to hard to bear.

Not only had his heart been torn out and thrown away but there was also the loss of the job he loved caring for the children, and the loss of his children, their hearts to know that he loved them, and his heart to know that they loved him and for him to be there to comfort and guide them as they grew.. the loss of his life.. And on top of all this pain he had also been forced to endure walking around with a scarlet letter.

It was not that looking at him on the outside one could see all this. It was that I looked inside his beautiful beautiful heart and saw his great wound. And that is why I knew that he had to go into the healing chamber to be healed, is why I, his sweet destiny, lead him to to his destiny.

This morning I had a moment when I wanted to flee, but Spider Grandmother is very clear, my journey with my soul mate is a part of her creation.

All my life I see forward through time to my next destination, and without knowing how to get there I know that I am supposed to go there. Today Spider Grandmother told me that is her doing, and she showed me through time all the places she had woven my life and showed the man who was coming to walk beside me as One again. He is my One and Only, the One for who there is not other, for he and I have been together since the days when we walked with One body as 2 who walked as One.

Our split into 2 was not meant to be painful. It was meant so that we could experience a deeper love, a deeper passion with our love. And so she wove our new world for us with separate galaxies and planets that each had their story lines that intersected, so that he and I, as we stood with her looking across the galaxies could see he and I in the galaxy in which I was leading him into the the Healing Chamber. It is as if we, he and I exist in many dimensions simultaneously.

This morning she let me know that I was not to leave my place outside the door of the Healing Chamber when he went in there. She told me that I was to sit outside the Chamber and sing healing prayer songs to him, that even if it appeared he could not hear me, my prayers would be heard and would blend with his healing.

As he went into the Healing Chamber he turned to me and told that we had come to a comma, and that a comma is not the end it is merely a pause in our never ending love song…

And so I do as Spider Grandmother said. Here in this place, under her grace, I sit outside the Healing Chamber with my prayers and love songs for he who is my soul mate, for his heart to be healed.

dancing bird goddess and golden eagle

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