Spider Grandmother, a grander design

I was following this path. I had gone out on the internet to look up with when Rainbow Twin Flames could not be together.  The words I was reading I could understand how Twin Flames mirror each other.. and as I thought about that I began to drift and create my future from a different direction.

But Spider Grandmother just called me back.  She spoke to me of the importance of staying with the Grand design, reminded me of all the weaving’s she had done in my life since I stood at the edge of womanhood at the age of 12…  That was the first time I saw him.. in my vision when I was 12.  He was showing me the contract we signed and where on planet Earth we would reconnect..

The next times I saw him was in my dreams..  For years he walked with me through my dream world.  It may not have been the one who walks this planet, it may have been his higher self.  He may have dreamed me as my higher self, but he walked with me through my dreams and we have shared memories from the place I call the Castle dreams which he calls the Mansion..  We both remember the children playing there, we remember the mall inside the castle, and the magic room  in which our magical tools activate when our energy comes close to them.

She just told me that she is the weaver of my story, my Universe.. and I am to stay upon the path that she is weaving..  She is saying it is important that I stay inside the mathematics of her weaving, that if I allow my thoughts to stray from place to place that I will end up in some place I was not supposed to travel…  She said that she is the one who has been showing me the future all along and now she has shown me in the future I will see him as a Golden Eagle and that is where I am to travel.

She told me that he is in the healing chamber and she gave me a glimpse of what was to come but that it is not my destiny to see what happens to him while he is inside the healing chamber.

And with this I realize I have surrendered to this journey with the Grandmothers.. She said it is very important for me to not create the next part of my journey from a place of a sense of loss, but to follow the path she gives me to walk.

drean and deep space golden eagle sm Spider Grandmother Reminder

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