lessons from Spider Grandmother

A journey of Rainbow Twin Flame proportions:

drean and deep space spider grandmother

Once I made the journey to Spider Grandmother she began to weave her tale for me by stressing the point of perfection..  of mathematical equations and how they equal in the web of a universe..

She was also careful to state that there are many universes and each one is woven by a different Spider Grandmother.

And as she was weaving her story I saw that she was weaving my universe.  She smiled and informed that it took a mathematician to weave a universe and that not everyone could do this.

By this time she had woven a few lines in my universe.  I looked at the strand where we were standing, and down a connecting strand, in another Galaxy I saw my Twin Flame. He had already entered the Healing Chamber and was laying on his side holding his stomach and rocking in terror over the nightmare he was witnessing that he was there to be healed from….

That day I felt like I took on his pain, the pain of him laying there inside the Healing Chamber, my stomach hurt so frightfully it seemed it would be better to just throw up, and in the morning, when I awoke, I saw him open the door, saw him and his daughter and as they began to hug such tears poured forth that they both began to weep in their relief..

And then I found myself staring up at the sky to see a cloud that looked like a Golden Eagle was floating by and knew that everything is going to be ok.

drean and deep space golden eagle sm

2 Responses

  1. “Like” is the wrong word here, it does not cover your story at all. A story, meant to be listened to, to be heard with the heart, which will not remain untouched..

    • Oh thanks.. I am on a journey and she was just talking to me just now when I got your message.. She is speaking to me of the absolute importance of perfection in this, the mathematics. She is telling me that she has been weaving this story for me since I was 12, which was the first time I saw him in a vision and telling me to stay on the path, that it is all mathematics… ((((( hugs dear sister ))))) It is an interesting journey because the instructions are to visit the Grandmothers, and she is the first.. and she is talking to me explaining that if I was to follow the path I was just exploring then I would experience a loss. She is all into the mathematics of how I got here to this point in time..

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