I did it for love

For love’s sake did I travel with him to place of his tears,

and pray for the time of his deep sorrow to come to an end..

I did it for lov 3

This Twin Flame Journey is like none I have ever experienced.  for 2 and a half years I have bore witness to his tears, to his deep grief over the loss of a connection with his children.

Yesterday I was feeling kind of weird and had to go have a look see to see what was going on… and I saw him, walking with steady determination in a torrent of tears back to his children…  and I saw his daughter weeping a torrent of tears in her longing for her father..

I do not know the journey ahead where it will lead, but what I know the most important thing I need to do now is to let him get back to his children and let his daughter get back to her daddy.

All children want to believe that their parents belong together, and grieve when they are apart.

and so,

my time with me Twin Rainbow Flame

it would appear

must become something else

and do not tell anyone about these tears.  He is the only man I have every known who did not treat me like I was a freak, but honored me in every path that I walked, and every person that I became he would sing to, and called me by every name that I was being called by at the time….

so do not tell anyone that I wept as I left the room…

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