Twin Flames~they say it is never the usual love story

The Twin Flame Journey is simply not ones usual journey.  How many times have I read about, ‘regardless of whether you and your Twin Flame can be together or not..’ and contemplated why and how this could be a factor..  something new and different is happening on my Twin Flame journey.  I have traveling into a place of the unknown and it is a deeply spiritual happening, even though I do not know if the path is leading to us being apart, or if we will still be together and his children will become a deeper part of our journey..

red heart shaped balloon 01I told my Twin Flame that if I was to write where we are right now in our journey  I would be describing it as the Red Heart Shaped Balloon Destiny held in her hands..  not knowing if the wind would come and pull it from her hands, to find that it had slipped away from her…  or if time would reveal she was still holding the Red Heart Shaped balloon he had given her….

He responded with the video…  Just before that I asked him to forgive me for running away.. then I ran away, but then I felt like I was failing the test… so I came back with my Red Heart Shaped Balloon…

I share my journey’s because it is by sharing that we grow.  My Love has mourned for 5 years the loss of his children from his life.  And I have wept with him, for him, and for them for the last 2 1/2 years..  Now the prayers have been heard, and he is being given the opportunity to reunite with them.  I rejoice for that but there is more that I cannot write yet as to why this could also be a parting with us..  What does a man do when presented with the information he has been presented with..  I write this story for other Twin Flames who are in similar situations.  I do not know which path my Twin Flame will choose.  The path of forgiveness with his ex-wife of 25 years is a noble path,  I have been down the forgiveness trail and I know the rewards.. while I do not know which path my Twin Flame is going to choose, I do know I will honor him in whatever path he chooses..

red heart shaped balloon 02

In the meantime, my Kundalini is flowing, and I had this moment when he was meeting with his ex-wife when the Kundalini flowed up into my heart and touched me there.

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