kundalini, heart chakra report

I really do believe that the Kundalini, while sometimes the energy that is being released can cause some discomfort or pain and magnify places within ourselves where we carry blockages, I am finding, in this journey that the kundalini then acts as a healing force.

I had those 3 releases, one where my heart chakra opened and released a thousand points of light..

The second, like a bubble came up and tried to leave through my heart chakra.  It felt like it was too big to make the exit.  In that one the Kundalini Serpent wound its way up my back and put its mouth on the bubble of energy and began to dissolve it until it was small enough to make its exit..

The third one, as far as myself being used as a vessel for releasing blockages on the Earths body had the appearance of black coal dust coming out of a coal mine shaft…

It was during this time that I lighted upon the thought that the Kundalini Serpent recognizes the places where our own vessel is weak and it works to heal, to not bombard us as a vessel for releasing blockages upon the Earth, but releases what can, then mends us to release more..

So I hadn’t felt anymore blockages being release through my heart until last night…   a lovely being passed through and was released..  it was a very gentle soft feel.

heart chakra 2


2 Responses

  1. This is who you are!
    No more words needed from me here but thank you, Destiny!

  2. Thankyou for your blog….honest and real as it spoke to me. Nice to hear a personal perspective on a topic that can be hard to grasp. I only recently had the privilege of knowing the light that can pour into your heart and then exit on your exact word, a million points of light (except I would have said a zillion). Thanks again. Much love.

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