Kundalini, update

This Kundalini release I am going through now seems to extend all the way from my tummy to my throat.  Very little movement, spinning in the lower chakra, only just a slight feel there that reminds me it is connected to the Earth Mother who is using my vessel to release blocked energy upon her body..  This one reminds me of purring, but not purring as if in a contented state, just bubbling little tiny bubbles that feel like purring..

       I think the whole object is to release it out the top of my head….
       It is amazing how each energy that is being released has its own signature..  I don’t know how it is for a guy with his kundalini being awakened, but if one could imagine the V being the portal, then each energy that is blocked upon the Earths body enters my vessel in its own location.  This one enters my vessel like, at 10 o’clock and, now as it passes through me has risen all through my tummy up to my throat…
       It really feels, holy sacred..  Yesterday I was at the stove, cooking when I to reach across the stove to put some vegetables in the pan..  As I was standing there, stirring the food, the energy that feels like purring was magnified…
       I never know what energy is being released…  One I know, from my dreams, was from the shoot em up, gun em down, wild wild west bank robbers era… another was from the slave trade.. another was the ones I called the splattering brothers..
       I must say I rather enjoy when they come back into my dreams and tell me what they transform into….

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  1. Hi Earthengirl, your Kundalini energy release sounds like an amazing experience. My releases tend to be quite intense, and massive energy pushing through. My bliss energy after the intense release is mellow, humming and angelically peaceful. Blessings and love, Brooke

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