sharing ~ Art of Kundalini ~

Here is a page of representations of how it feels to have your Kundalini, dancing and spinning in various parts of your body…  Holy sacred is the journey through this Kundalini Rising..  (when it happens to you, it is such a mystery feeling the various points dancing, I find myself upon a quest to find others who have shared this.. 

and in art, it is a good place to see where others have felt it just like me)

In the beauty of the Kundalini Rising, one of the mysteries has been the feeling that one spinning will begin and then like magic, the energy will move all up into my tummy where many dances of spinning energy will take place..  In that moment there is a great feeling of love, like the feeling a woman feels when she has become pregnant, tenderly hold ones tummy with love for the life that grows within, it feels beautiful, just like that..

There are spinnings, spinnings all over our bodies.  They feel beautiful and sacred

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