Kundalini,transmutation of energy through time

milky way and ngc1365

I have been looking through time to what we are going to create for the next great circle of the Central Sun.. following my dreams and visions I have thus far observed the creation of 2 new locations on the Earths body… It is going to be amazing, as the Kundalini stirs within more and more people, as they released the trapped energies of the past (nightmares’,) they are going to be transmuted into, something beautiful and wonderful upon this body where we are making our journey back to a world not so dense and heavy… I have been rejoicing in this since I began to see it yesterday…


We have now begun the journey around the next great circle of the Central Sun (also known as the Elder Council)…  the next journey has yet to be written, and we are writing it now..

I have not been quiet on my Kundalini journey, but try to share it as I am seeing it.  Some people have had spontaneous Kundalini Risings and it has been a rather maddening experience for them…  It may have been for me also had it not been for the Earths description, “We are now going to pass through an Asteroid Belt, and I want you to just lay there and enjoy it.”  So I did as I was told and enjoyed it…  but I can understand how some people have found it making crazies in their head  to have their G spot spinning and spinning and not understand that the Earth is in charge of the great releasing, and we are merely the vessels that she is using…. because that is what she needs from us..

When I was in the height of it, it was very difficult for me to conceive of where this would be leading..

However, now, the energies that passed through me have come into my dreams to show me how they are being transmuted..

Energy has gotten trapped on the Earth, trapped emotions, people thinking the same things over again and again..

The Earth uses the Kundalini Rising to release those trapped energies… slavery.. holocausts..  disease.. terrorized feelings..  (to name a few) …  What I am discovering is that through our Kundalini rising, trapped energies are being released….  and in their release they are being transmuted into places of pure energy on the New Earth that will be a part of the next Great Circle around the Central Suns..

That is what my dreams are telling me now….

…… by sharing we grow……


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  1. Yes! You GOT it! When I awoke, I awoke into this realization of what was happening not just at my level, but the Collective…itself connected to all else. Potentials rising, thresholds being triggered, tripped, changes moving as a result….changing the world from the inside out. Lovely no? My sense is not getting hung up on the specifics, to let this wild thing expand and grow and IT seems to know….we cast focus into the world, our eyes become its own….and the change takes on more traction. Mirrored all through so much….perhaps more than we might even imagine.

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