life as a planet ~ forgiveness

hongiThere were many Celestial Guests who had come to live upon our body, Snake family, tree family,snake three bush family, bird families.  They traveled from across the galaxies, drop in to rest and then stay for a time.  We also had Indigenous Tribes who made their  homes upon our body.  Their numbers were not so many, and different tribes had settled in different locations, each into a place that felt like a garden to them.  Their existence upon us was very noble and beautiful

My Mother, my Grandmother and I, we could at any moment, see through the same eyes.  That was how at any moment wedark-eyed_junco too could know what each other was experiencing, was how we could see out into the whole the villages that surrounded us and all of their movements.

Any of our celestial guest who came had a divine agreement with us, to allow us walk about rights, meaning we could inhibit one of their bodies for a time so that we could see our world from a different point of view.  We would just simply merge our spirit into them, and become them for a time.  Then we would go on a walk about and see the world through their eyes.  They felt very honored by us when we would do that.  We would appear as whispering spirits to tell them that we wanted to go on a walk about and were in need of a host.  They would be honored to assist us.  Our host would be put into a dream like state so that we could merge with them and begin to see through their eyes, and when wemaplebig_leaf_maple would awaken inside them, it was like they would awaken inside a dream, and see our walk about much as a person would see a dream.

They honored us and we honored them.  We would show them what it looked like to see through our eyes, to merge with the face of a stone, hear their vibration, their hummmmmm, slow down ‘time’ and watch the movements of the surrounding Tribes that looks like people walking about taking care of business, or hear them talking to each other, or singing their Tribal Song.  It was a beautiful union between us, held sacred by both.

Forgiveness as different there than here.  When we would be on a walk about we would be 2 people walking in the same body having experiences with each other.  She would show  me things from her world and I 01would show her things from my world.

Her merging with my world would leave her (or him) more vulnerable, and sometimes unexpected things would happen, like having the host body get bit by a snake.  Now the Snake Tribe they had wound,  twisted and slithered their way across the ‘universe, to come to us and lay their egg upon our body so that we may host some of their children.  Each species that came to live upon us had their own rules, their own set of protocol that was natural to them.  And if per chance the host body was to get bitten, by say a snake when on a walk about, the first thing we would do is to call for help to get the host body back to her people (and when you are a Planet your call reverberates so that you are instantly heard and felt.)milky way over pemaquid point

The first order of business is to take care of the healing of the vessel.  As a planet the healing was inside us, so we did not leave the vessel until after the vessel was healed.  There was ceremony that was done, spinning and dancing in dervish style, while those who specialized in their relationship with the Snake People would gather the knowledge and the medicine to heal,  while the dancers would build the energy to allow the stream of poison to go back to Source (its Source, which would be thought of as like the Milky Way, the Great Snake)

After the host body was healed completely, as we did not leave our host body until all their strength was regain, that was when the forgiveness ceremony began.  I would then go to the Snake People and ask to merge and live among them.  Then I would be like the dreamer looking through their eyes, following their reactions, seeing exactly how it was their nature to respond as there were many Tribes living upon our body in harmony with each other.

I would stay there for as long as it took to understand.  With my consciousness in the background, and the snakes consciousness in the foreground, I would live there, participating in their Rituals and their movements until I would see the line that was not to be crossed.  It was like there was a space between them and their babies that no one should walk between.  It was the space they felt most protective of.

And this understanding was what was known as our forgiveness ceremony.  After this I would go again to the host body and stay with her so that I could impart all I had learned from the Snake People.  She would become a friend to the Snake People this way.  It would be like a graduation for her to now be in a relationship with the Snake People.

We did not abandon the host body when the unexpected happened.  If the host, inside her dream had asked to merge with a stone person and a far and dangerous edge.  And we had given them that, but had lost footing and become broken in the fall so that their body could be recovered.  We would call to their Tribe to attend, ask the host body what they wanted to experience next, maybe a bent and crooked tree with roots that straddled to top of the ground..  or maybe a gemstone vein..  or a river that ran beneath a mountain.  The whole Tribe was given the choice over what they wanted to do..  The whole tribe may decide they all want to be transformed, or some of them may say they wanted to stay next to the family member that was choosing to take their next life as a vein of gemstone…

This was how forgiveness worked on my world… and it was beautiful..


Affectionately this was the memory that was given to me when I was 12..  and is the only way I could conceive of forgiveness happening

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