Splatter Brothers Dream

The journey of the Kundalini Rising has been a mysterious journey..  the wondering of when I was kundalini risingfeeling this ————–>>> who was on the other side, and what exactly was happening.

My journey with total surrender to the Earth, to walking the path she asked me to walk began in the year 2000.  I knew she was the only hope I had to get my purpose for coming to the Earth, as I could remember from my youth being on another world volunteering to come to the Earth on a mission, but it remained undefined as I followed the path of my own emotions into one relationship after another that would splinter and painfully break apart leaving me shattered in the end.

So I just surrendered to the voice that she spoke within me..  and of course being an Indian, the first thing that began to happen was the feathers came, into my yard, into my dreams, into my friends lives the feathers came.

Second came the Crow, as big in size as 3 Crows he came and sat on big trees limb watching over me for one whole summer while stirring inside my dreams came the Elder Tribe, whispering “What are we going to do with her?”

It was they who decided my fate, the course my next journey should run, while I followed the soft whisperings in my ear…  even when I was afraid and did not want to give away my sacredness I followed the path I was led upon..

When I arrived at the place where my Kundalini Awakened, the Earth described it as, “Ok we are now going to pass through and Asteroid Belt, and I want you to just lay there and enjoy the ride.”  And oh how I enjoyed the ride.  Each Asteroid felt much like a man penetrating our psyche..  Some were indescribably beautiful and others were somewhat irritating.

The ones that were beautiful.  They were the ones I most enjoyed, every nuance of their movements through our psyche was like poetry in motion, like a dance between lovers I felt their tender embrace through time..  Then slowly they would fade and be replaced by another..

Sometimes they would come into my visions in ways that were very human.  One, he was a very tall black-skinned man, balding on top.  He was chained to the stern on a ship and he just looked at me like ‘Why?’   Why are you doing this?  I had no answer to offer him other than, “momma told me to enjoy the ride”

Another one, a gentle man came into my dream as a man from wild wild west days.  He came to tell me that is time with me on this plane was about over and that it was time for him to be moving on..  I enjoyed him very much but he said I could not got where he was going, and he was under the impression that it was not going to be very luxurious, not as luxurious as my place which he showed me to be a mountain range that looked like the place of my G…



Splattering brothers dream


I was dreaming that I was in a place that I had been before.  When I first arrived it seemed the yard had a fence around it.  As I looked around I could see through time the circle driveway that had the large mud hole in the center.  The spirits who terrorized the place, we called them the Splattering Brothers, so named because they loved to spook the people who passed there by splattering mud all over their windshields.  In the darkness their silhouettes would appear, wind-blown shadows, battering, mocking the drivers.  Their splattering brothers dreamgreatest delight was frightening someone to such great depths that they would roll up their windows and spin their tires to get away.   They would get bonus points if they could get the splattering mud  to carry a rock in the mud and break the window..

That was then.  Now the mud hole had been filled and a new way to drive through that space had been created.  The creator, who recognized me, and I him from the passage through the asteroid belt, he was changed, and in the place where the road once travel lead to the scene of their crimes (the Splattering Brothers) he was now planting flowers in pots, just like mine..  except all of his pots rhymed and it was beautiful… as was he.. he had changed in his passage through me..  and had taken a part of me with him…


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