Life as a Planet ~ the underground river

I was having a bit of a hard time falling back asleep, so I closed my eyes to merge inside and see my unseen world.  Found myself staring at some speckled black stone while doing its unusual dance in the light.

Thought I should go deeper so I slipped down below, into some dark water that gentle pulled me into a long tunnel.  As I drifted along watching the sights it had the feel of being an ancient vagina that was crusted over with barnacles which I felt a need to touch with my hands.

Deeper deeper I drifted as I was pulled by the current while watching how the stone formations changed the further I underground-river-puerto-princesa-philippine-762715traveled.  I found the place of the underbody of a large red and white spider who spit out the red eggs (others thought as gemstone).

Continuing on the walls became smoother to the touch and I began to realize that I was drifting along in an underground river.  Sleep was evading me so I was witness to everything the river had to offer.  And inside the intricacies of its twist and turns I found the place of the kissing stones as they softly touched their lips to each other..  His body came from one direction, hers from the other, locked for eternity in the embrace of their kiss..

When I see them I remember, I am the planet who came to Earth for her Rite of Passage.  As I planet I sustain life already thmbl_dearesther_2013-01-20_16-51-56-45and we have guest who live upon our body,  a few have the human form, the indigenous ones walk softly upon us with the others, but there are none of these ones there who rape and pillage a planet like there are on Earth, and I am here on Earth on my Rite of Passage to see first hand the height and depth and breath of love that must be sustained to house  even those who would pillage a whole planet.

I continue drifting down the underground river to the place where there is a Y.  I briefly send my consciousness to my left as I am floating on my back looking up. see that the energy goes off and spirals, come back and take off in the other direction when I find myself, much as log would, turning head over feet, and rising to the surface…. where I can see far far up above me a waterfall coming down..  In that second I am staring into the mud hole of the splattering brothers.  And the one who was changed because he touched me, I can see the reason for his pots of unusual structure..  because I am looking into his garden..


With this I glance down and realize that I have merged with some kind of insect, of which I don’t know which kind because I all I can see is my feet..

praying manthis

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