My life as a fairy tale, journey towards Kundalini Canal

After her Kundalini Awakening, she turned her ship in another direction.  It had became tooship with lighthouse complicated with the cougar and the lion so for some months she just drited, first away from them 901x629_14287_SKetch_2d_fantasy_ship_landscape_picture_image_digital_artso she could think, and then finally she turned her eyes back to them, to gaze upon the bigger picture of their purpose in her life.

It turned out that it was the Earth.. momma ..guiding her footsteps who had told her to walk with those boys for reasons she could not understand at the moment.  But from a great distance she could see that they were the Activators for her Kundalini, and for that reason they were supposed to be there and she was suppose to take that journey with them.. And in the end of her journey with them she was reminded that once we have finished our journey in a place if we ignore the signs telling us it is time to move on the place has a tendency to just spit us out in the most painful of ways..  so she leftlooking back at just the perfect moment.

Turning forward again she began thinking on how this Kundalini journey was a mystery that she had no understanding of.  As the time had been turning for her to leave the cougar and the lion momma had said that they were now going to pass through an 15437964-an-old-large-fantasy-ship-sailing-in-the-cloudsasteroid belt and that she was to enjoy the ride.  She had many adventures there that she had no words right about them, but there were 2 of the astroids who touched in ways the others did not.  She just could comprehend completely this feeling of their touch only lasting for a time before it would be over

Thinking on these things she drifted forward and it was while staring over the side of her ship that she saw an invitation, floating on the waves.  It was an invitation to hitch a ride down the Kunkalini Canal while being escorted by a beautiful ship that housed many spiritual beings..  She knew from the beginning that this was where was meant to travel next and turned her ship towards the Kundalini Canal..

This was going to be a most magical ride


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