We are the ones who came to sing the new world into being

god goddess we

faces of fukiware the gunma ken waterfallsdancing across eternity

It is we who clothed the earth

in her beautiful adornment.maplebig_leaf_maple

Larger than life

we look through time to see,

2 brothers,

blue-butterfly-tree1one red skin, one brown

laughing in their golden beer

arm wrestling

and the thundering sound

as one brings the other downancient-corrosion-of-soil-by-rain-and-wind

And when the dust settles

we see black soil and light soil lying around together

dark and lightHarken thine eyes again to see

a man and a woman

laying lovingly,

spooninghealing waters waterfalls thailand

while the water flows

all around them.

Looking around again I see

a girl listening

off in the distance

to a Thunder Being

singing his song.

Traveling through millenia

she travels to the place where

she and him will clothe the Earth

with what happens with their creation story.

His mother is a Thunderbird,

a loud imposing woman

She takes Misty Mountain by the hand

and bids her to accept one of her sons,

who sings the Thunder song.

She listens to their songs

and chooses

the perfect one,

He is

a long,







and when she straddles him

to make the creation exchange

she sees that the story of his life

lydwellspringhas been tattooed down his chest.

like a poem,

which she begins to read.

She sees the place where he was bornfirst time he fell down

and sees the first time he fell down.

She sees the place

where his first love joins him,

Maulangi Sangama Kalinadi Dandeli Kali Riverthen watches them merge into one.

and still she travels on

reading down his body

the story of his life

as he helps her translate

the story

with perfect dictation.

And when her hair falls

down upon his body,

it is black rain

falling down

to tickle him

upon his ribs

which is

the soil

laying next to

the edge

to the river

which is

his poem



his body.

And it is there

as she continues to read

the story of his life

the exchange is made

and when we look around

we see them

in their solid state

She is a Misty Mountain

and he is the river

who runs beneath her.

Look again

and we see

a woman

and her companion

walking lovingly.

When they settle

upon the Earth

her companion is

a dog shaped


and she

the whisp of cloud

who always

reaches down to touchMistNationalGeographic



We are the ones

who clothed this Earth

in her beautiful adornment.

Then laughing

we slipped into skins

to walk

amongst our creation.

Now here we are again

the celestial family

has come in

creating the next world

with the songs that

we are singing..

god goddess we… creators

Here again

to clothe

the new creation story.


4 Responses

  1. I am mesmerized by this Creation Song and her Beauty

    • Thank you..

      I followed the link to your song singing.. and found it quite lovely to view.. thank you

      • Thank you, and so nice to see you again!

  2. Sacred song singing.. you and I

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