Kundalini Rising… moving into an understanding

kundalini risingI am coming into a deeper understanding of my Kundalini Rising experience.  It has been a beautiful and confusing journey feeling the activation of my G spot, feeling the Kundalini rising and not know how to get from point A to point B as instructed by the Great Momma.

The reason I call her momma has to do when I was in my 20’s.  One day I sat weeping to the Earth over the butterfly medicinecourse my life was running, asking her what I was doing wrong to have such awful things happen to me when from across the field appeared a butterfly who began weaving its way back and forth across the field in an S motion until  at last it just fluttered right up to me and landed on my nose.  I did not know what she was telling me in that moment, but I knew she heard me….  and as time went on I began to call her momma..butterfly on her nose

A couple of years ago she made my heart chakra to start spinning spontaneously.  Now, as I realize this signaled the beginning of my Kundalini Rising, I think I should share as it may have happened to someone else and sharing may help them to define it.  There was this guy I walked a long journey with.  An internet friend from Montana, for 6 years we journeyed together until at last, just as he was getting ready to get married he told me that him and her would be passing my way and ask if we could meet.

We met and decided to go to a near by Wild Life Preserve.. and it was while there that a storm blew in.  My friend, he turned and faced the storm and began to sing to it..  In that moment my heart chakra activated and all this love began pouring out of me..  Strange how momma strategically planned it so that the message was “He is not to be a boyfriend”

The second happening was driving home and seeing 2 rainbow flames, followed by fireworks..  After this 2 guys come along, tell me they are my rainbow flame as the Kundalini starts rising in my G spot.  They rode with me for a while and then they 2asteroid-belt-art were gone.. until at last alone, the G spot kept spinning..

I am always looking for a way to get from point A to point B.  The Earth, she has such a beautiful expression.  Once my G spot activated she told me, “Ok, we are now going to pass through an asteroid belt.  I want you to just lay back and enjoy the ride.”

With this my G spot began to vibrate almost all the time.  In this state of expanded awareness  I could feel every single asteroid in the belt penetrating my atmosphere.  There were many of them as we made our way through the Asteroid Beltsacred earth ascending and each one had a different personality and penetrated my atmosphere for different lengths of time.  Some penetrated my dreams to bring me messages.  Some I loved immensely, some I found so irritating I wished they would just go away.  They  felt so small I could barely feel anything.

earthen portal

Momma told me that I had now arrived at the place of my destiny, I had arrived at the purpose for which I came.  She began showing me picture, first of, like, beams of light coming up from our body.  These beams of light would be a part of the world that was coming and that there would be others who would come and they would dip themselves into our light.

Then she showed me in the place of the Kundalini rising up as  chord of light, showed me inside the chord of light, and rising up above it and looking down I could see that we were using the chord light we, each stood within to raise her, and his vibration for their ascension back into a world where they are not so solid and heavy as we have been in this dimension.

She tells me how important it is that I raise my vibration, and hold it at a higher level.  And how not to get just comfortable there, but, as if the light chord is a rope that I pull and release the pull, in that time I am to strengthen  my vibration, and pull again..   and again, and again, and again until we do what we came to do, to assist their ascension into a body that is not so solid.

By this time we had raised our vibration so high that we had passed through Orion’s belt, and off in the distance she showed me again the ‘people from my Home World in the Pleiades, how the call had went out that the beautiful dancer and her beloved had decided that they were ready to ascend, and volunteers were needed to go assist them in their ascension…

We raised our hands..Sun and Earth

Momma said, “this is what you and the others came her for.”  She said that by us raising our vibration we would be raising her vibration.

There is much beyond this, the effects of each movement through time as we raise our vibration by becoming conscious creators, choosing paths that uplift the whole for by uplifting the whole we uplift her and him.

When we came down this way, submerging ourselves into these dense bodies we always intended that this would be a part of our journey.. but not our whole journey.. and so we also created the path out..  or up..I LOVE YOU

the ascension..  from solid dense matter to the higher frequencies is a journey that has begun.  There a many here who have come to weave the new world within the higher frequencies..

Much Love,

PS, I found one, I found her videos here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/LenkaCosmicTiger?feature=watch  I am very much enjoying the training she is providing..  One of the sentences is, “after Gaia activates your G spot”

That thought, that it was momma who activated my G spot…  It makes this Kundalini Rising journey make more sense.




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