Raising our vibration

I found an article called 21 Ways to Raise your Vibration




One of the things it said was to take out a journal and write your new thoughts.

I have been doing this since I was in my 20’s…. Once upon a time I only wrote my sorrows and pain… way back in the eighties… then I decided I would change all that and not travel a road that would surely lead me to be a bitter person in my older years.. I set out to write but one good thought a day, and when I could not think of one good thought (because of the pain that surrounded my life) I would re write what I wrote the day before….. Projected out into the future, I stand before thee… in love…

Here as some of my poems from before I made the conscious decisions to raise my vibration:


How I dislike these times.

These times I become painfully aware

Of all your negative thoughts:

When your razor sharp sword

Pierces my heart every

Second we are near.

When I can no longer see good in you

And your insecurities take you over.

When I know that one disappointment causes me to be this way,

And one ill thought besets another

And another until here I am

In my hour of discontent.


The power of Life is within me.

Only I can change my attitude towards you


And unless you cleanse your soul

To find your happiness within,

Nothing you could ever do, to

Make right my hour of discontent

Would please me.


For I am the savior of my soul

My happiness comes from within.


But how I dislike these times of discontent.



Another one:

And I in a moment

Uncharacteristic of me

Did look into a mirror

To find myself without,

Not recognizing what I saw

As myself.


The mirror exploded

And fell away

And for the time

I knew I was lost

Unable to resolve

What I had become


I had wanted to run

To hide my eyes

In a room that was mirrorless

Where I could disguise

The person I was

I had become

The man on the run.



I found the article very interesting.  Here are some of the words:

how to raise your vibration


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