Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness

 aurora borealis with eagle 3

In the path of my seeing through time, our DNA vibrated at a higher frequency.. Back in these days it was perfectly natural for someone to see the thunder dancing in the distance and make a journey to meet the singer of the song.. for them to make an exchange in which she may give birth to 7 little thunder children..
From the way i see through time, we consciously set about to lower our vibration, reducing our DNA strands so that we could come into a different kind of consciousness and touch each other with bodies that are solid.. and that when we were arranging this journey, we also arranged the path by which we would raise our vibration again and thus again pass through the times we remember in our DNA, becoming conscious again the consciousness of the Thunder people, becoming aware again of the consciousness of the Cat people… and on and on, inside a sacred, we will again touch inside the world of spirit.. remembering..I really do believe that 2012 was about the activation of the reactivation of our DNA.. to bring our awareness back into a place where we begin to gravitate again towards balance..  Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness
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