Mermaid dream



I was walking through a dream with another woman, her husband and their daughter.  Apparently I thought I was the teacher because I was wanting my friend to make some art with me, trying to instruct her to used my supplies..

I had walked past her husband in the master bedroom to use the rest room when I noticed that I was naked.  I glanced out the doorway and saw my friend was naked too and was relieved as apparently we were completely comfortable being naked in this world.

When I came back out of the room I saw my friend had gathered some drawing paper for us and was just beginning to draw.  she drew the complete outline of what appeared to be a odd looking palm tree.

then she began to paint the inside of the tree and I realized that she was painting a picture of mermaid resting her head inside a shell.

Her art was very beautiful.  She did one with a blue background… and another she did orange stones laying below the surface.  The orange stones had some green moss growing between them…

I woke up thinking about the stepping stone making kit I bought, thinking I should put that mermaid picture into a stepping stone mosaic picture as a way to honor the dream…



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