Year of the Hummingbird, a spiritual journey

Great Spirit moves in mysterious ways to bring the message from Earth messengers.  When one enters into the time of an animal messenger sometimes the Earth will use unusual methods to let a person know where they are on the Medicine Wheel.

Last night I came home and stuffed into my mailbox, just like the postman had left me a flyer,  there was a single window curtain with the picture of a Hummingbird on it.  My heart danced for joy to see it as if I had found another picture to put in my Hummingbird book.

And more than that, it was again Great Spirit moving, reminding me that I have been placed within the protective energy of the Hummingbird.

In the old way (and day) when such a messenger would come along I would

lovingly carve them into my Totem pole.  In a dream the Sun Bear showed me that he was the first one I carved into my Totem pole for all my Totems were upon his back within the chest he carried.  And each and every time an Animal Messenger was sent I would lovingly carve the Animal into my Totem Pole and place it within the chest.

The appearance of this Hummingbird was unexpected, out of the blue, as we are now standing in the space between Autumn and Winter.  It quickly brought to mind how unusual this Hummingbird message has

been sent.  First the Sky People spoke to me about coming of the Hummingbird.  3 times they showed me pictures in the clouds of the Hummingbird.  Then as I was looking out my window there came a Bumblebee Moth Hummingbird a calling.

Next the Hummingbird dreamed me…

And now this coming home to find stuffed in my mail box a single Hummingbird curtain..  Then I fell asleep and in my dreams I was standing outside.  There was a bush, it was very tall, at least 10 feet.  There was a woman there and it appeared she was thinning out the growth because she had dug part of it up and tossed it off to the side.

I thought I should look and see what kind of bush it was and when I picked it up I saw a card attached  that had a picture of a Hummingbird on it.  When i looked over at her she said, “yes, the Hummingbird loves this bush”

This is my honoring song.  In the old way as we would carve our totems into the wood, we would sing our honoring song.

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